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Pictures by Sue and Dean

Pictures by Sue and Dean

Every time I go to visit a historic house, I am struck by the beautiful portraits on all the walls. Of course, photography is relatively new in evolutionary terms and hand drawn or painted portraits were the only way to immortalise your loved ones in times gone by. However, in my humble opinion, there is something very special about turning your favourite photograph into a drawing or painting and, of course, it is totally unique. 

With prices starting at a mere £100 (for an A4 pencil portrait drawn by Sue) and a 10% loyalty bonus for mentioning Raring2go! what is to stop you picking up the telephone and calling 01494 881764 or 07905 618431 to commission your portrait now.

A Refined Palette features the combined talents of Partners in life, Sue and Dean. Sue's specialist areas are portraits in pencil and pastel of family members and pets, although Sue also enjoys immortalising scenes in pastel and, occasionally acrylics, as well. Dean on the other hand, can turn his hand to most things and his stunning abstracts are a particular favourite with many viewers of our work.

If you are local to High Wycombe, you are very welcome to telephone and make an appointment to visit our home - which we are proud to describe as a walk-in gallery. Paintings can be purchased direct from the wall and we are happy to talk about staged payments for the more expensive items - don't be afraid to ask. As well as making your walls look amazing, paintings are a terrific investment.


7 Wellfield Rd, Piddington, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP14 3BP



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