BCR Global Textiles

BCR Global Textiles

BCR's aim is to raise awareness amongst children and adults of the issues surrounding global waste and pollution and the benefits of re-using textiles and toys.

Toy banks are the most recent introduction to Bolton alongside our existing textile and bra recycling banks. They aim to encourage the viable recycling of unwanted toys. All the toys then go to people at home and overseas who need them.

Textile and bra banks Unwanted clothing and bras are either sold to raise money for charities or are sent to people who need them in other parts of the world. Many of the textile recycling banks support well known charities. There are five Meningitis Trust banks and one Breast Cancer Campaign textile bank located in and around Bolton in addition to seven bra banks.

Toy Bank locations:

1. ASDA, Astley Bridge, 2. ASDA, Burnden Park 3. Kearsley Mount Shopping Centre, 4. Leverhulme Children's Centre 5. Morrison's, Leagate, Harwood 6. Morrison's, Town Centre 7. Oldhams Children's Centre, 8.Sainsbury's, Trinity Street, 9.Tonge Children's Centre, 10. Bolton Road Car Park, Bolton Road,  Westhoughton

 Bra Bank locations:

1. Morrison's, Leagate, Harwood 2. Bromley Cross Train Station, Chapeltown Rd. 3. Broadgate Car Park 4. ASDA, Burnden Park 5. LaScala Restaurant, Manchester Rd., Westhoughton 6. ASDA, Astley Bridge 7. Bolton Rd. Car Park, Bolton Rd., Westhoughton

Textile bank locations

1. Fletcher Street, Bolton 2. ASDA, Burnden Park 3. Kearsley Precinct 4. Morrison's Leagate, Harwood 5. Bolton Rd. Car Park, Bolton Rd., Westhoughton

Breast cancer campaign banks

1. Spread Eagle Public House, Haulgh Lane, Bolton 2. The Greyhound Public House, Manchester Road, Westhoughton, Bolton

 BCR work with schools too!

BCR believes that the education of children is a vital aspect of its business since textile recycling will play an ever more important role in the lives of future generations. As a consequence BCR has developed a resources pack with a range of cross-curricular activities for each primary school age group. Of course you may be as flexible as you like in the way that you use these resources as some sheets are suitable for more that one year group especially where links can be made to several areas of the curriculum or where individual pupils are at different levels of learning. There are also teachers notes to help planning and preparation of the lesson. You may also wish to use these activities as part of your school recycling scheme with a view to building awareness of recycling policies amongst pupils, parents and the wider community. 

Toby Tog, BCR's mascot can help you to raise funds for your school too! Each term a day is selected as recycling day. On this day children bring in unwanted wearable clothes and paired shoes in plastic carrier bags. BCR collect them free of charge and the revenue generated from their weight is paid directly back to the school. The weight collected is reported to Bolton Council and contribute towards Bolton's recycling targets. Ask your school to send for a teachers pack today!