Lucy Nicholas Private Speech Therapist

Lucy Nicholas Private Speech Therapist

Lucy and her colleagues offer treatment for your child in whichever setting is most appropriate. They focus on improving your child's speech sound production, language skills, auditory memory skills and fluency of speech. This usually takes place on an individual basis however groups are run three times a year during the holidays which also encourages confidence in speaking. Holiday groups are either run at Chafyn Grove School or at Lucy's home in Redlynch.

Lucy and her team can offer formal assessment, therapy or simply advice dependent on your/your child's needs.

I offer in-depth assessments and treatment of the following:-

  • Phonology - Speech sounds. This is when your child is substituting the adult speech sounds with others, or indeed deleting them completely e.g. this = vis, conker = tonter, fish = sis etc. I also work with children who have Oral Dyspraxia - where the speech sound difficulties are more developed.
  • Expressive Language Delay or Delayed Understanding of Language. When your child is developing along normal lines however has difficulties understanding and/or expressing specific grammar and syntax, or Pragmatic difficulties e.g. is not using the appropriate verb tenses/action words; pronouns - he/she/him etc; Word finding and/or difficulties recalling information; Sequencing information when speaking or listening; Listening and Attention difficulties; Vocabulary knowledge.
  • Expressive Language Disorder or Disordered Understanding of Language. When your child has many different issues with a variety of skills - as noted above, however is not tending to develop along normal lines but has specific difficulties in certain areas.
  • Stammering/Stuttering. When you/your child is repeating part of a word several times, or are not producing words because they have blocked them - a bit like holding your breath. Treatment of stammering in children is based on my training in the Lidcombe Programme.
  • Voice/vocal problems e.g. vocal abuse or misuse. This may present itself in the form of vocal nodules. You/your child will need to have been seen by an Ear Nose and Throat Consultant prior to my seeing you/your child for treatment. A referral to a Speech and Language Therapist is usually recommended following this appointment to help develop vocal quality.

Following completion of my assessment of you/your child, I will provide a full written report on my findings. I will provide Targets to be worked on along with suggestions on how to achieve progress with these areas of concern.


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