Virtual Warfare Parties

Virtual Warfare Parties

Virtual Warfare is home to a tactical game of team based combat known as Battlefield Live'„¢. Imagine a Playstation or XBox-type military warfare game where you are totally immersed in the action!

With the latest technology and massive 11,000 sq. ft. indoor arenas, Virtual Warfare features 3 types of gun, random weapon generation and medic boxes. With no aged paintball markers and no hidden costs, Virtual Warfare is combat games for the 21st century.

Unlike any other laser gaming in the region, our action satisfies both children and parents! The birthday boy or girl will no doubt be very excited and will want to be a hero on his/her birthday. Our job as entertainers is to make sure this happens.

Everyone who plays Battlefield Live'„¢ at Virtual Warfare is thrilled by the detailed theming of our arenas and the realism of the game. All parties are private. Sessions are fully supervised and as safe as the playground! Available for ages 7 to veteran. 

Remember, this is a great photo opportunity so bring your camera!

Player's first steps into the Virtual Warfare arenas are a genuine "wow" moment. Combine this with amazing technology, great staff and some fantastic games and you have everything you need for a perfect party.

Take a streetview tour of Virtual Warfare or visit our website for more information. Check out the youtube video below to get a feel for the action.

You'll find Virtual Warfare on the Blandford Road, next door to Wessex Raceway Indoor Karting. 


Grimsdyke Granaries, Blandford Rd, Salisbury , Wiltshire , SP5 5RL
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