Princess Lavender Party Collection

Princess Lavender Party Collection

Princess Party Supplies

Our beautiful party collection is designed by us - manufactured and sourced in the UK. We avoid plastic packaging where possible and use materials that can be easily recycled or re-used. Our Princess Lavender Collection includes; party bags & fillers, invitations & thank you cards, balloons and napkins.

Entertainment - Learn how to become a real princess

A once in a lifetime experience for your little Princess.

Let Princess Lavender enchant you with her stories of the faraway Kingdom of Rozalba. The beautiful white Palace set in fields of lavender, The Fairy Godmother School for Princesses, her princess friends, mermaids and unicorns.

Learn all about the qualities required to become a true Princess.

Princess Lavender teaches the birthday girl and her guests, how to become a princess or prince using her Princess Lavender Special Skills Test. If they pass the skills test each child will receive a certificate and sticker at the end of the princess party.

If Princess Lavender can’t make your birthday party, don’t worry you can now buy the Princess Lavender Special Skills Test as a party game for you to host!

Our unique DVD features Princess Lavender teaching her special skills test in a easy step by step skills test party game, suitable for young children. Your party guests will follow Princess Lavender’s instructions on-screen and repeat back to her what she has shown them. You can pause, rewind and play as many times as you need to, to give the children a chance to perfect their royal skills.

Plus as promised by Princess Lavender each child will receive a certificate at the end of the princess party game. These will have been provided to you in your pack, ready for you to hand out, as if by magic they were delivered by Princess Lavender through the ‘Enchanted Fairy Bubble’.

A version with British Sign Language is available with a BSL Interpreter on-screen for the parent or child to follow.

More party games and craft ideas are available at

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn | Make Your Own Tiara | Princess Lavender Special Skills Test

Birthday Gifts

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Children’s Silver Charm Bracelet | Birthday Girl Satin Sash | Princess Fairy Wand

Children’s Books

Beautifully illustrated children’s storybook from the tales of Princess Lavender and the Kingdom of Rozalba. Read about Snowflake, The Naughty Unicorn – eating flowers in the palace gardens, galloping through the town chasing fluff dragons and splashing mermaids down at Capella cove as they sit on the rocks brushing their hair.

Teach your child British Sign Language and learn the sign for Castle, Unicorn, Mermaid and Princess.

When you buy our paperback you get Princess Lavender and The Naughty Unicorn ebook FREE

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