Birthday Parties at Norman Court

Birthday Parties at Norman Court


All of our parties are bespoke, tailored to meet a child's expectations, it's all about imagination and bringing your ideas to life. We are very happy to accommodate any request, if you have an idea for a party let us know, we'd love to help you create it.

We organise the timings and activities so that parents can relax and enjoy the experience. We can prepare and supply the invitations for you and we can provide the best quality party food, homemade and locally sourced when possible.

Some of the parties that we are able to offer are as follows:

Bushcraft and Campfire Party (£9.50 per person)

In Norman Court Woods you can let your imagination run wild, build dens and explore. Our Bushcraft parties are a real hands-on experience in outdoor living, your instructor will guide you through the basics, teaching you unforgettable lessons in basic survival. There's lots of fun too; especially when you get to cook a marshmallow over the fire and eat it whilst it is all warm and gooey!

Camouflage and Concealment Party (£9.50 per person)

Play an amazing woodland version of a hide and seek game, build woodland shelters, get camouflaged up and learn how to move silently through the woods to avoid being caught by the hunters, can you outsmart them? Our Camouflage and Concealment Party will get your group of friends to work together, support each other and most of all have fun together!

Mini - Olympics Party (£9.50 per person)

Who will be the champion at your Mini Olympics party? Our version of the Olympics is full of fun. Based in either our sports hall or on our playing fields, you will work in teams to compete an array of challenges. Our mini Olympics parties are ideal for children who would like to have a taste of a variety of sports and novelty activities. Our experienced coaches work with what best suits your birthday child's age and interests. Everyone is made to feel a success in our Olympics and medals for everyone is just part of this fun event

Woodland Games Party (£9.50 per person)

We run our sessions in a beautiful and magical woodland that really helps both children and parents connect with the joy of nature. We run lots of different adventures and games, capturing children's imaginations and allowing them to explore the natural environment in a safe and fun way. Do you have an older child or have a specific idea for the party? No problem - just let us know. We run events for all ages - children, teens and adults and will adapt our party activities according to the needs and ages of the group.

Crafty Creations Party (£9.50 per person)

Based in our purpose- built Art Studio, our team will make your child's party creative, fun and colourful and the best thing is they get to choose their very own theme. They can pick from a selection of arts and crafts such as painting, decorating pottery and jewellery making, we have a huge range of crafts to suit everyone. Children love to create, make and try new things. We offer unique and exciting parties for children of all ages. If there is something not our list that you'd like, then just let us know and we will try our best to sort it out for you.

To find out more information or to book a party please email or call 01980 322322.


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