Salisbury Cathedral School

Salisbury Cathedral School

'Your child at our heart'

The spire of Salisbury Cathedral is the distinctive backdrop to a remarkable School where children develop a love of learning, self-confidence and spend time in awe and wonder.

Salisbury Cathedral School is a place where personality grows. We believe that a child's self-esteem and ability to express themselves is vital to their success. They may find their unique sense of character through the music they sing, on the sports field or in their academic success. In our children, it's through all of these and more.

We are proud of our strong performing arts tradition, as well as our remarkable musical heritage. Salisbury Cathedral Choir is renowned for providing equality of opportunity for boys and girls - weekly services are divided equally between them and they all have the opportunity to take part in overseas tours and concerts. The scope for the enjoyment of music and drama is plentiful and sits at the heart of every stage of each child's education; this ensures that they grow up with an impressive sense of poise and self-assurance. Regular occasions for children to perform, promotes and nurtures creativity, strengthens inner confidence and enables one and all to relish moments of originality and inspiration.

Sport at Salisbury Cathedral School continues to develop and thrive, with regular practices, fixtures and tournaments. Pupils prioritise teamwork both on and off the pitch; they display commitment and passion in their play and show resilience and positivity towards challenges. With a number of county players within their peer groups, and a wide range of opportunities from high-quality specialist coaches, pupils develop high levels of tenacity, determination and self-esteem.

Pupils transfer, mainly at 13 to a diverse range of schools after Salisbury Cathedral School. Last year, 3 pupils in a cohort of 16 obtained Specialist Music Awards at Wells Cathedral School, one of the leading music schools in the country. A significant proportion of students also gain awards and scholarships for academic success, art, drama, DT and sport.

Our recent ISI report notes that teaching "sets high expectations and standards." Our aspirational scholarship programme ensures that pupils' individual talents and strengths are nurtured, and that they are carefully prepared for examinations and interviews for the next phase in their education and indeed, for later life.       

In an ancient setting we strive to provide a relevant approach to the wellbeing of the whole child. Our recent ISI report recognised that through our pastoral care system and Christian ethos "the quality of pupils' personal development is excellent." Pupils leave our community with a strong sense of public service both within and beyond the school. The report celebrates our vision that "Pupils are confident, independent and self-aware, and they display admirable perseverance and resilience in their work."

Each day our children are reminded of the profound and historical; they are given the opportunity to shine and contribute as individuals, while also being part of communities and groups far bigger than the sum of their parts. To find a sense of self, showing an appreciation of the deeper meanings in life, and to experience success, is to learn to take your place in the world beyond these ancient walls.

Come and see who we are and what we offer.


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