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Good Rich Goods, Raw Food Snacks

Good Rich Goods, Raw Food Snacks

Raw-food snacks add vitality & health to every diet. 

While most people believe that raw-food, vegan food or gluten free foods are only consumed by people with special dietary needs, the reality is that these foods can add interest into your daily diet and provide very real health benefits that impact your overall health including the health and efficiency of your digestive system.

This is because despite the surface appearances that suggest consumers have a wide variety of foods to chose from, the reality is that most of our food supply, contains combinations of the same 3 ingredients, corn, soy, and wheat.   

Although, it is not our mission or desire to promote any kind of diet or way of eating, it our desire and mission to provide quality products that help consumers by giving them choices that support their current lifestyle with more delicious and enjoyable treats and quality home products.  

We are also happy to provide a delicious option for many who currently suffer with dietary restrictions that leave them feeling limited in their food and snack choices and bound to products made a the focus on health at the exclusion of taste.   

Good Rich Goods is here to say to them, you can have great flavor and enjoy good quality snacks and treats again.

Take our Maple Kissed Walnuts.  While some may consider them a substitute for any nut snack, they truly are so much more. The flavor is fantastic and will truly leave the snacker wanting more.  This is because our walnuts are a nutritious and indulgent snack to enjoy.  

How do we pack in some much nutrition?    We take the time to soak our nuts over night before starting the dehydration process.  This not only makes our nuts taste better as excess residue and tannins have been soaked away, it also activates the natural germinating qualities of the nut.  This process provides the snacker with a better tasting nut that is considerably easier for your body to digest which in turn means that you body's ability to absorb the available nutrients has just been boosted considerably.

We use quality whole, organic ingredients such as apples and pure grade B Maple syrup which is high in sought after minerals including potassium, magnesium and iron.

Our Banana Brittle is a wonderful snack that serves up all the health benefits found in organic bananas in a new way.  We take pure organic banana and dehydrate it over days to create a crunchy light snack that tastes more like candy than the pure fruit is made of.  It is loved by children and parents can feel great about their kids snacking on something that to them tastes like candy but it rich in quality nutrients that are key to good mental and physical development.  

Our Made with Love Macaroons prove that eating chocolate can be good for you!  We use raw cacao which is where everything we understand as chocolate starts.  In many studies raw cacao has been credited with helping mental processing in individuals by providing a non-addictive mild stimulant that has also been credited with treating depression.   This proves something almost any woman can tell you, that chocolate does helps alleviate depression.  Maca another of our key ingredients has also been called Peruvian ginseng, and valued for its health benefits that range from helping to alleviate menstrual problems in women, to helping clean up acne, and helping others overcome stress.  What is clear is that it is rich in vitamins, B, C and E as well as calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and amino acids.

All of our snacks are organic, vegan, raw-food and full of flavor and ingredients that taste as good as it will help you to feel. 

So happy taste buds, happy belly and happy body. Click here to start shopping!


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