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Wilton & Barford School learn about Fire Safety


43e1a966255893646cd15ed5a3824752.pngOn Thursday 3rd November, to follow up a small fire at Wilton and Barford Primary, a fire officer came in to school to talk to every class about fire safety. The children learned, through large posters, what dangers could be found in the kitchen, bedroom or sitting room if enough care was not taken to avoid fire hazards such as leaving hair straighteners on the bed: did you know that even when these are turned off at the socket, leaving them on a surface - such as a bed - could cause smouldering and, therefore fire!

Throughout the day, John (our friendly fire officer) taught the children about what to do if a fire should begin in the home. He told them a story and then summed it up in three phrases: get out; stay out; phone 999.

Putting on firefighter’s uniforms was good fun for all but there was a serious message too – firefighters need to dress as quickly as possible to get to the scene of the fire within 10-15 minutes of receiving the call. Children had to compete in teams to try and beat their opinions in dressing up in uniforms.

Penultimately, the children learned what to do if their clothes were on fire; everyone had a turn at ‘stop, drop and roll’!

The finale of the day came in the form of an assembly during which the children learned about firework safety through Ben – our informative cartoon character.

Although the messages were 6ae032c78abbd96a8f06b7adb20a827d.jpgserious, a fun day was had by all and the children left school with plenty of advice for their parents. Even the teachers benefitted from the advice given!

Report filed 14/11/16

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