Musical Talent Shines at Wilton & Barford School

Musical Talent Shines at Wilton & Barford School


3d8ca44e857ed61383c3644c5862ffcc.pngHere at Wilton and Barford we pride ourselves in our wide range of music ability and talent. Throughout the year we are fortunate to experience a variety of musical performances and we are always surrounded by the art of song.

Throughout the school week, there is always music to be heard. We are fortunate enough to be able to offer all children to learn to play a selection of musical instruments. This is in addition to the opportunity for our singing voices to be put into practise. Children in Key Stage One use their singing voices every day, to help them learn phonics and every child in Key Stage Two learns an instrument. Year 3 and 4 are learning the Recorder or Fife and Year 5 and 6 six are learning the Viola.

The Viola has been a big hit this year with our upper Key Stage Two who are thoroughly enjoying themselves. They learn a variety of songs, from all over the world, and are taught by our enthusiastic and talented Viola teacher Mrs Trenchard

The Year 3 have been offered the opportunity to go and sing with a live orchestra at Salisbury City Hall, with over twenty other schools. To help them prepare they have been visited by the composer of the song that they have been learning. She has helped them to learn the piece of music as well as the actions to accompany the song..

Key Stage One have demonstrated their fantastic singing voices during 4b69dfd4eb4df34a9fc1e91663c5600e.pngassemblies and have been able to learn a variety of songs with Reverend Wood. Reverend Wood has also kindly taken the time to start a choir, which is very well attended by KS2. They are currently learning songs from €˜Joseph'.

Music plays a big part throughout everyone's day, often without us realising. We hope that the children's enthusiasm and enjoyment for this area of the curriculum continues to grow, as we continue to celebrate every child's talent.

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Report filed 14/03/17

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