Healthy Schools Week News Report from Wilton & Barford Primary

Healthy Schools Week News Report from Wilton & Barford Primary


7a94030efe7579f35363ff64009c37bb.jpgWe recently held our annual Healthy School's week with plenty of exciting activities to help children become more aware of being healthy. The week began with our Years 5 and 6 children taking part in a full day's First Aid course run by St John's Ambulance. They learned who to contact if there was a medical emergency, how to perform CPR and place a patient in the recovery position, and how to apply bandages correctly to a wound. Stephen said that the course was helpful because it gave him tips for when you are in a situation where it might happen. Martha commented that she thought the instructor explained it well and that she learned how to do chest compressions on different people of different ages.

Children in key stage 2 worked with Everyone Can Cook, to make a healthy dish and a snack. The children took the recipes home so that they could make it again for their families. Staff and children alike enjoyed their cooking experience. All children in the School went into the Life Education Centre bus to learn about how their bodies work or making healthy choices in their lives. Harold the Giraffe was a popular feature of this visit! Children from KS1 and lower KS2 have all visited the new Waitrose Cooking School either this week or recently to cook a healthy meal. One teacher commented that this was a very valuable experience that taught the children the value of a healthy lifestyle. The 3da2dc646b915757a29e19a22da26dd1.jpgchildren commented that they liked making a healthy pizza and trying new ingredients. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the professional cooking environment.

On Sport Relief day, the whole school were involved in running the Sport Relief mile - 14 laps around the school field, although many chose to do more. The older children supported those in younger year groups, encouraging them to keep going and to complete the challenge. They raised over £1000, which is a massive achievement for a small school. Well done for completing the challenge, and thank you to all those who sponsored the children. Thank you also to Hannah, our sport coach from Saints in the Community for overseeing the event.

Report filed by Bev Davis

Healthy School's Co-ordinator


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