First Friends Nursery visit Braemar Lodge

First Friends Nursery visit Braemar Lodge

3a6febc2c878e85a58f9138f92edaca5.pngImagine the prospect of a visit to an unknown Care Home for a young child. Potentially a little scary as young children can be shy particularly when confronted by a sea of unknown faces in a new and different environment. Not so for the children of First Friends Day Nursery in Barford St. Martin when they first visited Braemar Lodge last year. They have always been made welcome and are always met by a member of the lovely Companionship Team, in our case Claire Connor, who puts the children at ease with her kind and enthusiastic manner.

Our children have been invited to visit on a regular basis since last year when the Manager at First Friends Day Nursery, Tobie Keel, first approached Braemar Lodge to instigate regular contact between the Nursery children and the residents. We recently visited with five of our older children and spent a lovely afternoon painting, sticking and gluing whilst singing a range of Nursery rhymes with the residents. As recently evidenced in media coverage interaction between the young and old is mutually beneficial. The children soon become very comfortable sitting next to a senior resident with possibly a 100 year age gap. One charming resident of 103 puts her longevity down to a ‘positive mental attitiude’. The inter- generational buzz is palpable and it provides an opportunity for energy, stimulation and interest. Most of the residents enjoy creating some artwork and it often reminds them of activities they used to do when 5067323f1b1a6c99757b710cfd987355.pngthey, too, were very young. The children enjoy talking and sharing with everyone. One resident was actively passing different coloured paints to children and another who is very fond of cats, enjoyed themes around her favourite pet. I can’t recommend this mix of generations more highly. Clare is truly enthusiastic and inspirational and the children get so excited about the prospect of future visits.

First Friends Day Nursery is located on West St in Barford St Martin.

Report filed 19/03/19

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