It’s only cold when you’re standing still…

It’s only cold when you’re standing still…


52916534305a4512264ab63cb9aad496.jpgSo, winter is quickly creeping up on us and it's often all too easy to find ourselves slowly slumping into hibernation. Dark mornings, cold blustery evenings and it seems we would all rather reach for our duvet than even contemplate heading outdoors to get active!

This can often lead to the kiddies stuck in front of the TV or games consoles for hours on end causing them to be too stimulated to sleep, eating stodgy belly-warming foods and feeling even more sluggish and tired the next day as a result!

Well, this doesn't have to be the only way! By trying these cheeky little teasers each evening with your little's you will all be sure to burn off any energy left to not only ensure you stay warm on the winter nights but have a restful, undisturbed sleep ready for a productive day. Wrap up warm, get out in the garden and alternate these activities throughout the week:

Limited for equipment? Grab an old t-shirt/ pair of trousers or bed sheet and lay it out over your grass. Make a start line and have everyone do their best long jump marking people's scores as you go. Try to beat your personal score or spark a competition between peers/ family members. Try running up to a jump or jumping from standing still and see how much further you can go!

Ball games. Why not strike up a good old game of €˜keepy-uppies'. Look at keeping the ball in the air 17c21e80167e036da5cd3f22b9ff4799.jpgwith feet only then with the hands and then just the head to increase difficulty. Monkey ball is also a good one for practising motor skills by having everyone stand around in a circle with legs open. Players must pass ball to each other by rolling the ball but trying to get it to pass through someone's legs. If the ball goes through your legs you are out. If you're limited to players try a simple game of pass or catch but each time you catch the ball you must swap places with your partner to keep your heart rate up!

Little ones love a good old game of hide and seek but how about mixing it up and making use of the obstacles/ features in your garden. Select one person to be the €˜finder' and the hiders all nominate a €˜base'. Everyone hides in random spaces as the €˜finder' counts. Then once he is on the lookout for everyone people aim to get back to €˜base' without being caught! If your garden is limited for hiding places try going to a local park or playground.

If you have access to obstacles such as empty bottles, cones, bricks or any other item suitable, set out a track to which everyone must dribble a ball around in the fastest time. If you have no ball available try just using your body to weave in and out of the obstacles. Use different ways of travelling such as running, walking backwards, skipping, and side-stepping.

Don't let snow bury your plans! Embrace the opportunity to make snow angels, snowmen, mountains and take part in snow races. Create a track in the snow and try slither around on your belly! Be inventive!

Be sure to stay safe and keep an eye on your little ones if venturing out late at night and look to go to well-lit areas where possible.

Have fun!

Sarah Philp

Sarah Philp is a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer as well as Pre & Post-Natal Fitness instructor and proud mummy of one to her son Isaac. After having her first child, Sarah was keen to bounce back to her fitness lifestyle and through discovering barriers to exercise first-hand, decided that she wanted to develop the concept of fitness for new mums, inspiring them with tricks and tips on how to bond with baby whilst regaining that pre-pregnancy body! Launching the new online pre & post-natal blog, housed on the main Xercise4Less website, providing a platform to show new mums you can still be fit, have a career and enjoy baby too, Sarah shows how you can ‘have it all!' 

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