How much exercise do children need?

How much exercise do children need?


f92790ce3aed7abdd0e7a604f7aae378.pngEvery parent wants the best for their child - but when it comes to physical activity what do they need?

Regular activity is key - so exercising daily provides the best outcome and develops the regular routine of being active.  The body does not store the physical benefits of activity, that is why we all need to do it regularly.

What kinds of regular activity could be? Walking to school, walking the dog or playing in the garden are good and don't cost any money.  Varying intensity will help develop fitness and stamina.

How much physical activity should they be doing? An hour a day is the advice from the Childhood Obesity Whitepaper.  During school term children are required to receive two hours a week of physical education at school.

What are the barriers to physical activity at home? Most children have other activities that they would potentially prefer to do, such as watching TV and gaming - time is another issue.

What is the solution? Small changes, such as reducing TV and gaming time and increasing playing outside or offline instead.  Family fitness, such as walking and running together, playing football can help build those routines. 

With the summer holidays coming, Premier Sport offer holiday clubs which provide children with plenty of physical activity and lots of fun as well.  These clubs offer working parents the childcare through the holidays at a reasonable price.

Premier Sport offer physical activity sessions into many local e46ca3c5b0ccbbab134219ebed2d3044(2).pngschools, in the form of clubs, PE lessons and holiday clubs.  We also provide a regular activity program €˜Golden Mile' which can help develop regular activity and improve fitness.

If you would like more information or to find out if we can help your school get in touch with Helen at: or 07736 326820

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