Outdoor Play Ideas for Home

Outdoor Play Ideas for Home


alannageorge.com_hulahoophideout2.pngGet the kids away from their screens and into the garden with these great ideas for Outdoor Play.

The ideas in this feature have been sourced from all over the internet and are intended to be a starting point for you. If you find something that appeals, click on the links to find out more and you will be taken to the original source page. If you know of any other ideas that have great appeal for children, are simple and low cost to make, then please do let us know so we can add it to this page. You can email the Editor here.

1. Hula Hoop Hideout from www.alannageorge.com

Brilliant for imaginary play, picnics or chillout time. Made with hula hoops and sheets, or maybe use shower curtains for a bit of protection from the British weather? Click here to find out more. 

2. Make a Water Wall

The picture at the top shows an example of a water wall, but there are plenty more out there on google if you need more inspiration. Use old containers and let the children help design and build it. Buckets at the bottom can catch the water coming through, so it can be re-used. Click here for simple step by step instructions from Play Based Learning

3. Make a Ball Run

If you don't want a watery mess, then how about a ball run? Like a marble run, but on a giant scale, the kids will get hours water-blob-sq.jpgof entertainment outdoors. This one gets top marks for its bright colours.

4. Water Blobs

This idea went viral on facebook last summer, so we had to include it here. We liked the instructions found here on www.pagingfunmums.com for their clarity and handy tips on safety. A bit of work is required, but the end result is worth it, as kids of all ages can enjoy it safely, including toddlers.

5. Mud Kitchens

In the world where Mummy bloggers meet Early Childhood Education, mud kitchens are trending big time. You can even download a free e-book on the subject from here. The basic idea is to create an outdoor play kitchen with mud - heaven! There are some very posh looking mud kitchens on the internet, but to my mind it seems a shame to get them dirty! We've picked this one from www.letthechildrenplay.net as it looks simple and down to earth - literally!

6. Fun with Bubbles

Next time you lose a sock, don't throw the odd one out. Hang on to it and use it to make bubble snakes. Requires an empty plastic bottle, detergent and food colouring - that's all! Click here to be taken to instructions on www.housingaforest.com

7. Giant Kick Ball Croquet from www.innerchildfun.com
Use hula hoops or pool noodles to set up an obstacle course to kick the ball through. Makes a change from regular football! Click here to go to a bubble-snake-sq.jpgvideo showing you how to make this simple game. 

8. Make a kid's clothesline

Give your little ones some facecloths, socks or dolls clothes to wash in a bucket of soapy water, then let them peg them up to dry. Might sound boring to you, but they love it! Combines water play with pretend play and improves fine motor skills at the same time. Plus you're teaching them a valuable life skill, so it's your duty really ;-) See picture at top of page. Sourced from www.happyhooligans.ca


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