Ten ways to keep learning alive this summer

Ten ways to keep learning alive this summer

f6d3a52b61bc237dabbca400650b6093.jpgOnce the novelty of not having to get the kids to school wears off and six weeks of keeping them occupied without having to re-mortgage the house looms large, the balancing act between sanity and too much €œscreen time€ leaves many of us at a loss.  At Kip McGrath Salisbury, we have put together a few tips to help you make the most of the summer holidays whilst combating learning loss.

#1 Shopping and Cooking Challenge: Teach about money, measurement and proportion (and having a night off from the cooking, for that matter.) Let your child choose a meal and work out what will be needed for your family.

#2 Visit Langford Lakes.  Take a mini-bugs book from the library and have wellies and a picnic at the ready.

#3 Watch The BFG.  This movie is a perfect excuse for immersing your children in Roald Dahl's books and an ideal activity for the inevitable rainy day.

#4 Write a holiday diary with drawings, knickknacks and photos.

#5 Calculate the amount of paint/ decking/ tiles needed to help in a DIY project.

#6 Visit your local library and take part in €˜The Summer Reading Challenge'.

#7 Design a Literacy or Numeracy based board game.

#8 Visit the free National Museums and galleries in London.

#9 Make screen time educational, by challenging the children to make an animated video on your phone or tablet. Use plasticine models or time-lapse drawings.

#10 Download a 4cf1346797198d4d5d5cdb0c4eef31a3.pngcouple of quality Educational Apps to support the National Curriculum, and have a nice cup of tea.

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