Reluctant Readers? Try Audio Books

Reluctant Readers? Try Audio Books


886932ff0ca1233447bc60098bdad136.png10 Top Reasons to Introduce Audio-Books to Your Kids

Does your child dislike reading? Do they become frustrated because they can't read the words?

With more choice available now than ever, it's a great time to share the benefits of audio books with your child.

1. Audio-books bring the stories to life. They are often read by celebrities and have added sound effects and music.

2. They can be €˜read' whilst doing other activities, like travelling or walking the dog.

3. They allow children whose reading age is much lower than their actual age to enjoy content pitched at their age level and interests.

4. Audio-books increase a child's vocabulary because they are discovering the meaning of new words in context.

5. They are a fantastic way to improve a child's listening and focusing skills by increasing the duration of listening time.

6. Audio-books directly develop a child's imagination. As they don't have illustrations the child is forced to use their imaginative skills.

7. Through audio-books you can introduce your child to new authors and genres they may not usually choose. This may motivate them to read the hard copy of other books by that author.

8. Kids that listen to audio-books become lifelong readers.

9. Audio-books create strong family bonding time as you enjoy a book together.

10. The best thing about audio books is they can be borrowed from the library and sometimes downloaded for free.

If you haven't tried audio-books take the opportunity to start 4cf1346797198d4d5d5cdb0c4eef31a3.pngnow, and enjoy your audio journey. They make great Christmas presents too!

Happy listening from Deborah at Kip McGrath in Salisbury.

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