Pupil becomes the Teacher at Wessex Swim School

Pupil becomes the Teacher at Wessex Swim School


11babf0823ef2424f23f0744f680c9ec.jpgSam Wilkinson started swimming at 5 years old in an empty pool with just a newly qualified teacher and his Dad sat on the poolside. 11 years later and the first Wessex Swim School pupil has just passed his STA Level 2 Award course and has started teaching in the pool where he learnt to swim himself.

Sam pictured above with Chris Rees the Managing Director of Wessex Swim School is teaching at Kings' School in Winchester with small classes of just 3 pupils. Chris who set up the Wessex Swim School when he was just 18 years old himself is delighted to see his first pupil return to the poolside this time as one of the 45 strong staff. 

€œIt's great to see Sam now using his passion for swimming to encourage others in the water, the swim school has grown massively from when we just had Sam in the water. We now teach over 850 swimmers a week in 3 locations€ The only thing Chris is not so keen on is how his former pupil is now taller and faster in the water than him! 

After doing lessons with Chris and Wessex Swim School Sam moved to Locks Heath Swim Squad and after initially struggling with Butterfly in the early years it is now his favourite stroke. 

Sam is delighted to get a job with his former swim school. €œIt feels great to be back and passing on all the skills I learnt, I love being in fa55eb875c9ad7ceedb0f61868daf0e4.jpgthe water and I will be more than happy to demonstrate Butterfly with more classes€

Sam started teaching in September 11 years after first starting lessons. Wessex Swim School now operates in Winchester, Southampton and Salisbury. If you would like to find out how to become a swim instructor, please contact Chris Rees. 

For more information please contact Chris Rees, Managing Director, Wessex Swim School info@wessexswimschool.co.uk 

02380 273657

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