After School Clubs: A Mum's Perspective

After School Clubs: A Mum's Perspective

dbb33609b9db6c80dcd852bf7176e4a4.pngBusy mum of 3 and director of KidzLoveFit, Alex Taylor tells us why it's important to get our children signed up to after school or weekend clubs as early as possible!  Early in life and early in the school term...

When my eldest, Bella started school we received a lot of info about After School Clubs, I thought's too soon! She's not ready! There's too much going on. I stopped all her other weekend clubs until she had €˜settled' into school, but then realised I was actually holding her back.

By half term she was back to her weekend cheer squad, Starcast & KidzLoveFit Crossfit class. I also let HER choose one after school activity. Quite honestly which clubs you choose doesn't really matter, especially in the early years. It's more about trying new things, boosting confidence and giving your child an opportunity to €˜learn through play' without the pressure of €˜measured progression'.

At KidzLoveFit we run a variety of different after school clubs but generally, ALL after school clubs have so many benefits. An active group environment from an early age will:

  • boost confidence and self-esteem,
  • encourage team building,
  • ground new friendships and open the door to more,
  • teach new skills and the foundations of a positive lifestyle and eating choices,
  • build the independence to adapt to new environments

So get them signed up and excited about new opportunities ASAP! You're normally only committed to half a term or a term at a time, so you 39bc849f661d8569fc2a2c6ea735b58d.pngcan change it up every 6-12 weeks until they find their true love and passion! Bella begged me to let her go to cheerleading, €˜cheerleading??' I thought... ok well let's give it a go! She sat on the side line for 5 sessions before she actually joined in but begged me each wk to let her go back! Now 4yrs on & she's competing for an incredible team at Phoenix stars in Salisbury who won the €˜national championships' this year! Bella is now super motivated, driven and knows what she loves when it comes to physical activity. My middle child starts school in September and he will be choosing his clubs just as his big sister did. Fingers crossed he finds an active activity he loves too!

To find out if KidzLoveFit hold clubs at your school email

or call Alex direct on 07795 026220

We wish you all a positive happy and healthy start to the new school year!!

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