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Colchester Castle Museum

Colchester Castle Museum

Colchester's most famous landmark will welcome back visitors when it re-opens on 2 May  2014.


 Colchester's historic castle has been closed for essential refurbishing and improvements,  which will enrich the experience of visitors tomorrow and for  future generations.. 

Just over £4 million has been invested in restoring and redeveloping this landmark building into a must-see 21st century attraction.  The transformation includes a new museum which features many of the most important artefacts  synonymous with our  rich heritage. 

Technology has played a vital part in helping to bring alive the Colchester of the past so it may be appreciated and enjoyed in equal measure by residents and visitors for many years to come.  As you enter the castle you will immediately be impressed by the sheer scale of the  space. All exhibits in the new-look museum have been specifically arranged and positioned to ensure they complement their historic  surroundings.

The exhibits are on display over two floors - a lift is available -- and helpful information panels which draw your attention  to  many of the castle's  historic features are thoughtfully positioned  throughout the museum. All the information you see and read inside the castle is available on audio handsets.

Much of the information on the ground floor focuses on the castle and its eventful  history. Newly-installed technology gives visitors the opportunity to step back in time through a fly-on-the-wall peek inside the  castle walls. With a little imagination you really can experience a taste of what life inside the Castle was like as far back as 900 years ago.  

Other not-to-be-missed attractions include an audio visual film, in the Lucas Vault, which revisits the 1648 Siege of Colchester and relives the fate of two Royalist commanders,  Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George Lisle.

Moving up to the first floor, follow Colchester â'‚¬Ëœs unique  history from the very beginning.  Track the everyday activities and lifestyle of the earliest residents of the town through the internationally significant Iron Age and Roman collections which have pride of place in the museum. 

The large dividing wall inside the castle is a perfect backdrop for a series of dramatic light projections that are played at various intervals throughout  the day. Enjoy a series of fascinating films which focus on specific events in the town's long and eventful history; they provide an audio/ visual  experience that most visitors are unlikely to forget. 

Colchester Castle Museum is home to some of the country's rarest and most  significant Roman  artefacts,  including the tombstone and frieze  of centurion Marcus Favonius Facilis and tombstone of Longinus Sdapeze, an auxillary soldier. Both took part in the invasion of Britain in AD43. 

The town's history - and, indeed, any visit to the Castle Museum - would not be complete without featuring Boudica, queen of the Iceni tribe. A new audio/ visual display describes and illustrates her assault on Roman Colchester.  You'll see some of the  Camulodunum artefacts that survived when  the old  town was destroyed and burned to the ground. 

Finally, don't miss the museum's impressive collection of Roman glassware which is  on display for the first time in one showcase.  This is an opportunity for you to see what many experts believe is the finest collection of its type in Britain.
Judge for yourself when you visit our magnificent museum! 






Colchester Castle Museum is situated in Castle Park at the eastern end of the High St. The nearest car parks are St Botolph's, Britannia and Osborne Street. The museum is a five minute walk from the bus station and Colchester Town railway station.

Opening Times

The Castle Museum has won awards for improvements made in regards to physical access.  Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm all year round Sun 11am - 5pm Last admission 4.30pm  


Castle Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1YG

  01206 282939    
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