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Campus west

Campus west

Campus West has a diverse range of activities to do all under one roof! Our cinema has a vast variety of films including the latest blockbusters to tasteful foreign films. Our theatre sees a range of performances from musicals to dance for all ages. RollerCity has many great sessions whether it be with your mates or your family. Other activities include art classes, line dancing, keep fit classes, the list goes on. We also have a fair-trade coffee shop that is surrounded by our two art galleries. Looking for that perfect party venue at a reasonable price? Then get in contact with us. For more information please go onto or phone us on 01707 357117 and request our Events Diary.


Prices for Cinema Seat Prices for films (via the telephone & in person) Ã'€šÃ‚£5.50 Adult Ã'€šÃ‚£4.50 Child under 16 Ã'€šÃ‚£3 Cuppaboard Matinee Ã'€šÃ‚£4 Friends of CWT Ã'€šÃ‚£5 Concession Ã'€šÃ‚£1.50 Family Cinema Ã'€šÃ‚£2.90 Screaming Screenings Ã'€šÃ‚£16.80 Family of 4 (must include 1 child under16) Seat Prices for films (via the internet) Ã'€šÃ‚£5.20 Adult Ã'€šÃ‚£4.20 Child under 16 Ã'€šÃ‚£2.70 Cuppaboard Matinee Ã'€šÃ‚£4.70 Concession Ã'€šÃ‚£1.20 Family Cinema Ã'€šÃ‚£2.70 Screaming Screenings Prices for RollerCity Ã'€šÃ‚£4.20 per session (Ã'€šÃ‚£3.20 for Drea

Opening Times

It is best to call ahead or look the website for the exact times of films, live performances and roller city.


The Campus,, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL8 6AE

  01707 357117    


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