Squish Cycles Available At Steel Town Cycles

Squish Cycles Available At Steel Town Cycles

ccae11e15e1a04ebba10f1ff589a7004.jpgEncouraging your child to enjoy cycling can sometimes be tricky. The parents we have talked to all agree that children vary in their ability and confidence on their bikes, but above all, we really believe in making sure that the bike is not too heavy, and has components that are specially designed for young children. A heavy bike can be discouraging as they are harder to manoeuvre around tighter bends, harder to cycle uphill. And when you fall off – which is all part of the journey – it’s a harder knock.

Steel Town Cycles are passionate about helping kids get the best early experiences from cycling and we were keen to explore the market to find exciting bikes that met our expectations on quality, build and components. Designed in the UK, Squish make smart bikes for little people, and are super lightweight, functional, and most of all, fun to ride. Parents are recognising the huge benefits of spending that little bit extra on their child’s bike to get something they will truly enjoy riding, and our customer feedback has been very compelling. We feel that Squish tick all of the boxes on build and quality without being over-priced. The Shimano and Tektro gears and brakes are in proportion for children and function well. There’s a single chainring up front, with 7 or 8 gears at the rear, making the bikes very capable for many different terrains. The saddles are great, and there’s a nifty touch with the c0ec656393c7a90e8e5f4c1c175cff4f.jpegcolour co-ordinated outer cable which looks cool.

A full range of Squish models are available for children aged 3 – 12 years in a variety of funky colours and are a super choice for getting children out on the tracks and beginning their fantastic cycling journey.

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