Review of Race to Infinity

Review of Race to Infinity


af6d0abf51f388d45a3e61c50e2083a3.jpgWe have been playing a new game, Race To Infinity, a maths challenge board game for ages 6+. My daughter is 6 years old and often needs encouragement when engaging in math but was very keen to play our new board game. 

Firstly, the game needs plenty of time and patience, it requires children to solve math problems in order to progress around the board. The game can be played in two difficulty levels depending on your child's age/ability. We explored the more simple level due to my daughters age. 

The game involves accumulating a certain amount of 'cash credits' in order to move towards the centre of the board allowing a player to win. Questions need to be answered in order to gain these credits. It did take a few explanations of the rules before my daughter grasped the concept of how the game worked, but once she did, she thoroughly enjoyed playing.

As I said before, the game is lengthy so choosing the right time to play is vital as well as ensuring your child is in the right 'mind frame' as it does require concentration. The rules do appear a little complex for a game aimed at young children and perhaps could have been made a little simpler in order to move the game along a little quicker and also to allow younger players to understand the game more swiftly. 

The game did ignite a fantastic mathematical enthusiasm and determination in my daughter which was wonderful e2b9112b60010e46a11ff05fcd869856.jpgto see and I can see her mathematical problem solving developing as we play it further. I also like that as she gets older this is a game that can be played at a higher level rather than a game she will outgrow quickly. 

Overall a great educational board game which is also fun for all the family, a wonderful way to enhance mathematical learning!

Charlotte Peace

My name is Charlotte, myself and my husband Colin have been married for almost 13 years. We have two beautiful children, Florence who is 9 and Maximus who is 6. As a family we love nothing more than walking our gorgeous dog, Willow, getting messy and creative and snuggling up to watch a multitude of films together!

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