Our Family Session with "Unscripted Photography"

Our Family Session with "Unscripted Photography"


8763d5a69801daa88d7d170064582bab.jpgI was really intrigued by Claire's work when I met her at a recent networking event. Our home is full of photos of our friends and family but I could see straight away that Claire was offering something new and unique and I wanted to experience this with my family. I wanted to capture special moments of our everyday life; moments that we take for granted each day or promise ourselves to catch on camera the next time!

To be honest it did take a bit of work to get the hubby to agree to allow a photographer into our home, to follow us around doing everyday tasks, but after showing him Claire's website and looking at one of her films and reading her testimonials he soon changed his mind.

Claire arrived early one Sunday morning. The kids were in the bath when she arrived so this was the first €œscene€ of our family documentary. The kids splashing around and having fun was a relaxing and fun way to start the session. Everyone was relaxed and comfortable, especially the kids as they were in their familiar environment doing their own thing. They hardly noticed Claire snapping away with her camera, capturing moments between us.

After bath time we enjoyed a family breakfast where the kids helped to cook and then we headed into the garden, followed by a visit from Nana. Claire can give you some ideas on what to do during your session but I would recommend 80b4732e8f9df217eaed7dc08963ddbb.gifjust doing things you enjoy as a family€¦ washing the car, baking, painting€¦ whatever it may be. These are the moments that will become even more precious in years to come.

A couple of weeks later I came home to a beautiful presentation box. It looked so pretty, I just wanted to rip open the brown paper there and then. But, I waited for my husband to arrive home and for the kids to be in bed so we could view the film and photos together. And€¦ I cried!!! 

I was so touched seeing the slideshow of our pictures. It was like taking a step back from my family and looking at them and appreciating them in a different way. We are often so busy with everyday life and are in the moment that we don't see or appreciate little things.  However, Claire can capture these and present them as beautiful images but also as a documentary. I can imagine watching our family film together in years to come, laughing at Louie tottering around in his sister's high heeled dressy up shoes and Isla walking down the stairs like she's a bride dressed up as a fairy.

I would highly recommend having a chat with Claire to see how she can capture your family moments, but remember don't put it off for too long as they don't stay little for long!  

€‹€‹€‹€‹€‹€‹€‹Website: www.unscriptedphotography.co.uk  Email: claire@unscriptedphotography.co.uk

Claire can also be contacted on Facebook or 17dd09f5253d66de01960736cb1b8515.gifTwitter

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