Family Finances

Family Finances


2ea7da511052c15a6ddb279f2b4dea47.jpgWith a highly qualified team of advisers, with a wealth of experience, and compassion; we are able to help each individual through what can often be a stressful experience.

Whether you are just reviewing your finances on a regular basis, or going through a life changing experience; we are here to help.

As we have always been fully independent, we can search the entire market; always ensuring we find the best product; or service for you.

Our Financial Planning Service is designed to give you the freedom to plan ahead with confidence, covering all   aspects of personal finance. From your bank accounts to your mortgage, your pension, investments, tax, school fees, university plans, personal protection and long-term care.


Raising a family takes time and energy and life assurance isn't always top of the €˜must-do' list.  There may no longer be two incomes and there will be extra expense.  For the main earner it's a time to think about increasing life cover and consider insuring against unwelcome and unexpected events such as a life-threatening illness, accident or unemployment.

If you're the main carer, it makes sense to ensure that money would be available on your death to meet the cost of the many services you provide for your family, like housekeeping and child care.  Life assurance can be combined with other cover, so as well as providing a lump sum on your death, you can also protect against loss of income due to unemployment, accident or critical 2c6260393c3f258e8f3d1a19a0e8e042.jpgillness.  Policies can be tailored and cover combined into the right plan to meet your needs at any stage of your life. 

Reviewing your insurance cover regularly will help protect your family from financial hardship.  It's also an opportunity to check your existing policies are still right for you and represent good value for money.

Finances on Divorce

It's a fact of modern life that as many as 40% of all marriages in the UK end in divorce.  The break-up can be a traumatic time for all concerned and brings with it the need to make financial arrangements that can have ramifications for years after the settlement is made.

There are no hard and fast rules governing how assets should be divided, although there is a broad starting point of 50 : 50.  If the divorcing couple are unable to come to an agreement on the division of their financial assets, the court will decide how these should be apportioned between them, based on factors such as their age, earnings ability, property and investments and role in the relationship (e.g. breadwinner or primary carer).  The needs of any children of the marriage are always considered paramount.

At AYP Financial Planning we specialise in providing advice on divorce and can offer sympathetic, patient and pragmatic support throughout the whole process.  You will need help to decide on your future financial goals, review your mortgage, life insurance, savings and investment plans and you'll need to remake your will.  Post-divorce, reorganising your finances is an essential step in moving forward to a new life.

Contact AYP Financial Planning for a confidential review now.  First meeting is without charge but could prove to be the best time you ever spend.  We can help, contact AYP Financial Planning on 01434 607808 or email

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