Move into health with Feldenkrais

Move into health with Feldenkrais

Gentle Exploratory Movement Lessons
In group classes the teacher guides you through a sequence of movements in an exploratory way. This develops a greater awareness of how you move. We learn to use this new knowledge to let go of patterns which are no longer useful, and find ones which allow more fluidity, range and ease: a martial art for everyday movement.

Who is it useful for?

Feldenkrais is useful for anyone who would like to move more easily. People come to Feldenkrais for help finding physical comfort or seeking greater mobility in everyday life. Musicians, dancers, and athletes who wish to improve skills, increase their creativity and find greater expression in performance. Feldenkrais can also help with neurological disorders, and other conditions.

First 2 lessons for the price of 1!

£10 per class  Weds. 7.30pm at St. Pauls Steiner School N1.


St Pauls Steiner School, 1 St Pauls Road, London, N1 2QH
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