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Fancy a tree house holiday?


2771dfc7b6db9eecc1c9c860042eb94d.jpgIf you go into the woods tonight….you’re sure of a big surprise and that is exactly what happens when you visit Forest Holidays.

One minute you are driving on a perfectly lovely but ordinary country road and the next - you are engulfed by mature trees with only the faintest flicker of sunlight bouncing of the leaves. It feels magical.  What is more although there are plenty of cabins/tree houses when you look at the website, in reality they are so cleverly positioned, it feels very private.

The cabins are very deceiving; a bit like entering the Tardis. Outside they appear much smaller than the spacious interior and with all the mod cons you require.  So if you are looking for a Bear Grylls experience this isn’t it. Unless of course, you believe in the rumours about the fancy hotels he really stays in once the cameras are off.  Because at Forest Holidays you have under floor heating, power showers, fully fitted kitchens, flat screen television, internet access and a hot tub.  Be warned – it’s great!

What to do once you have settled in and had a good nice sleep in the huge double beds … lots actually.  You can explore the forest which is great on your own day or night but if you want a guide - they can arrange this for you.  They have archery, tree top ropes, mountain bikes and they also are at hand to arrange any of the local activities close by, 322feb5113a416de5e9ce873427a4059.jpgwhich is brilliant.  However, in true outdoor style nothing is better than building a shelter.  There is something kind of caveman/woman about it and there is a real sense of achievement when you know it looks good and works. 

For families I think this is one of the best holidays you can have.  Simply because there is something about being in a ‘secret’ hideaway that is very bonding.  So televisions are often not switched on all throughout the holiday.  Instead families enjoy picnics, evening bike rides, the hot tub, barbecues and old fashioned board games.  I know why this is… but simply put why stare at a box when you can do so many activities and have such a magnificent view from your cabin. Open the huge windows and doors and your senses come alive.

 It is the ultimate 3D in fact 4D experience that no cinema or television can ever compete with.

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