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Dino-Saur London Zoo


e8d80deef5609d6dc71fd43401592064.jpgDino-soar into ZSL London Zoo

Zoorassic Park at ZSL London Zoo

22 July – 3 September 2017


A new herd of animals is arriving at ZSL London Zoo this summer, as the Zoo becomes home to the most colossal creatures ever to walk the earth - dinosaurs!

For ONLY 6  weeks, visitors to the Zoo will be taken back in time to a prehistoric world where they will come face-to-face with life-size, moving dinosaurs - from the giant but gentle brachiosaurus to the towering tyrannosaurus rex.

Launching on Saturday 22 July, with popular children’s TV presenter Andy Day kicking off the summer with a weekend of free live shows, ZSL’s Zoorassic Park is set to be the most roar-some event of the holidays. Every few months ZSL has themed events and this one will certainly not disappoint.  

Included in Zoo entry, visitors will take a trip via a time machine to the Mesozoic era (about 65 million years ago ), where ZSL’s tour guides will help visitors spot dino-faves like the triceratops, standing guard over its nest, or take them through an encounter with the armour-plated edmontonia - a tank-like dinosaur covered in spikes.

Families will be given their own passports for the time travel safari, which will take them on a journey of discovery taking in the fascinating creatures, as well as learning all about the important work ZSL’s conservationists are doing to help prevent today’s animals from becoming 6ef20f2e12f052d6d5b0d3cabec82677.jpgextinct. Can you imagine if elephants became extinct?  It doesn't bear thinking about. Which is why themed events like this are a great insight into the work that goes into  conservation and why it is not only fun to see animals at zoo's like ZSL - but to know you are also helping their cause too.

With a fun trail for kids to complete, fossil digs to explore and baby dinosaurs to meet, visitors might not want to return to 2017!

Dino-fans can continue their time travel adventure by sleeping-over near the mega-lizards, experiencing the sights and sounds of ZSL London Zoo at night. Summer Sleepover is available on select Saturdays in August and September, where kids can spend a night in the Zoo and enjoy a tour of the Zoo’s animals - both prehistoric and contemporary.

With only six weeks to go, Zoorassic Park at ZSL London Zoo is set to be a claw-some adventure through time. Tickets for this raptor-ous summer day trip can be booked now at

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