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Click Clubs are exciting technology rich holiday clubs for children across the North East. Check the website and facebook page for updates on camp dates, venues and times. 

Our mission is to inspire more young people to have a love of Computing, Science and Technology. Through our engaging practical projects, children can develop the confidence and skills that will help them succeed in and contribute to the region’s future economy.


Spy School consists of a series of fun exciting missions. Each trainee will be issued with a laptop containing a digital dossier of the files needed for the missions. They also get a "grade card" to keep track of their scores in key areas  such as problem solving, programming, weapons and agility.


Our new Space Camp is an exciting mix of technology and creativity and physical activity.

  • Design a Star Wars Movie poster

  • Build and program a Mars Rover

  • Code a space themed computer game

  • Make a stop motion alien animation

  • Create an astronaut app.

  • Build and launch a rocket and satellite 

  • Make a movie trailer

  • Tackle the Alien Lazer Maze

  • Ray Gun Reload Relay


​If you love gadgets then this holiday club will be right up your tech street. But it isn't just about flying drones and battling robots - this club is all about learning to control them by writng programmes for them.

Computing and coding should not just be about sitting in front of a computer screen. This club is all about the practical uses of coding. We deliver these sessions  through exciting themes and activities including those listed below

  • Diffusing a 'bomb' with a robotic arm

  • Exploring an alien planet with a ROV (Remote operated vehicle)

  • Taking surveillance images of an 'enemy base'

  •  A 'Strictly Robot Dancing'  competition

  • Hacking a children's toy

There'll also be plenty opportunities to build your own self- powered machines such as steamboats, helicopters, buggies and submarines.


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Raring2go! KidsZone

Raring2go! KidsZone

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