Abby's Theatre & Dance Academy, Cullercoats

Abby's Theatre & Dance Academy, Cullercoats

At ATDA we deliver dance and theatre arts classes to children (aged 24 months +) and adults.

We offer a variety of classes in many genres and aim to provide quality training whilst building confidence and life skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Abby's Theatre and Dance Academy is a place to express yourself and enjoy acting, dancing and learning in a fun and creative environment.

Classes are lively, energetic and all about having fun and building friendships. We teach in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere where students can express themselves and grow in confidence.

ATDA follows the Northern Counties syllabus and offer students the opportunity to take exams and progress through awards and medal tests in ballet, tap, stage and drama. Although exams are important and give students something to work hard for, we understand that they are not for everyone and are therefore offered only as an option to the other opportunities we provide.