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Here at Natal Bliss our ethos is clear – there is no right or wrong way to birth, there’s only the right way for YOU.

We run MummyNatal classes in North Tyneside and we don’t teach a specific way of doing things, as we know every person and every birth are unique. Rather we introduce a wide range of tools and techniques (including mindfulness, meditations and breathing practice) which you can explore and practice to discover what suits you, what feels most comfortable and works best for your body and your baby.

Throughout the 6 week course, we practice movement on birthing balls, cover various aspects of birth education, help you understand the impact your birth environment has and what you can do to ensure your surroundings are as helpful to you as possible, and so much more.

We also look in depth at preparing your mind for birth and how our thoughts impact our birth experience. We look at ways to have a calm mind during both pregnancy and birth.

During pregnancy (and beyond!) we can often feel overwhelmed with advice, options and choices and it can be difficult to know what the right decision for us is. We help you to look through your options and to have confidence in the choices you make, whatever they might be.

The things you learn can help you no matter what type of birth you are planning too – we are fully supportive of all births and we encourage mums to trust themselves and listen to their bodies so that no matter what route your baby enters the world, you can feel calm, confident and positive about your experience.

I love teaching MummyNatal classes and I love their non-judgemental nature. So whether it’s your 1st or 5th baby, our course will empower you and help prepare you both physically and emotionally for your birth experience.

Classes run in 6 week blocks and are held at The Vault, Wallsend. Or alternatively they can be arranged as private sessions.


Tuesday, 5th July to Tuesday, 9th August  - Places Available

Tuesday, 16th August to Tuesday, 20th September  - Places Available

Tuesday, 27th September to Tuesday, 1st November – Places Available

To book a place or to ask any questions, please contact me on:


t: 07747563294



The Vault, 31 Station Rd, Wallsend, NE28 6RL

3.06 miles     07747563294    

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