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Sounds Right Phonics: Colliers Wood Wimbledon Park

Sounds Right Phonics: Colliers Wood Wimbledon Park

Phonics? If you’ve never heard of it then you’re not alone! In the 1960s, phonics was replaced with learning to read words by rote – a method most parents will remember today. But due to a compelling government report, phonics was reinstated in 2006 as the mandatory way of teaching reading in the UK.    

Sounds Right Phonics Classes Colliers Wood, Tooting, Wimbledon Park and Surrounding Areas.
 Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids were created to introduce your child to phonics and help prepare them for school. Confidence building activities, dancing, songs and games bring learning to life, giving your child a solid base on which to build, not just with phonics, but with gross and fine motor skills, participation, communication and turn taking. Each class begins and ends with the relevant Jolly Phonics song, so linking the classes directly with what your child can expect in reception. 

After graduating, Lara worked for years in the education sector, performing various roles from teaching assistant and mentor, to bursar and tutor, and loving every second.  Since the birth of her son, Lara worked part-time as an accountant and, more recently, started volunteering as both a reading and a maths partner at her local school. This rekindled her passion for early years education and making learning fun! When the opportunity arose to run Sounds Right Phonics classes in her area, she jumped at the chance.

Sounds Right Phonics Pre-school
Through music, dance, and games, a new sound is introduced each session and reinforced throughout the class.  Children are encouraged to segment and blend using a variety of activities to ensure the children are always learning through play and having fun. As well as phonics, fine and gross motor skills, soft skills such as confidence, sharing and listening are encouraged. Aspects of the classes are varied each week to keep the children engaged, but the structure of the class is kept the same to build a sense of confidence and routine.

Sounds Right Phonics Minis
This is a very gentle introduction to early phonics, using a multisensory approach thus keeping the children engaged throughout. Using songs and nursery rhymes, each class gives toddlers the opportunity to explore sounds and rhymes and develop and enhance speaking and listening skills. Gross and fine motor skills are enhanced through dancing, movement and activities. The class is a perfect introduction to phonics as class sizes are kept small to allow interaction between each child and the teacher, which gives every child the opportunity to take part and succeed.


Running at: Eddie Catz, 42 Station Road, Colliers Wood, London, SW19 2LP

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Running at: Colliers Wood Library, 105-109 High StreetSw19 2HR, Colliers Wood, SW19 2HR

2.73 miles  
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Running at: Vestry Hall, 336 London road, Mitcham, CR4 3UD

3.35 miles  
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