Kip McGrath Kingston Upon Thames

Kip McGrath Kingston Upon Thames

At Kip McGrath Kingston Upon Thames we provide English and maths tuition. We support children so that they make continuous progress, gain confidence and have positive approaches towards learning. Kip McGrath has been the leader in remediation tuition for over 40 years, focusing on English and maths for primary and secondary students.

We provide individualised learning programmes for children, to target their specific needs. Assessments and tutoring are currently online only, but the aim is to open a physical centre around the end of November 2021.

Our experienced online tutors use exactly the same teaching materials and proven methodology that you would experience in a Kip McGrath centre. Your child will be able to see and interact with their tutor - the only difference is that it is delivered online, in real time and in the comfort of your own home.

Our qualified tutors ensure they receive the attention they need, in the areas they need it most.  We use a combination of written and computer-based activities and provide one-on-one learning time with the tutor. You will receive regular tutor feedback on your child’s progress.

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