Valentines Food

Valentines Food


1f53a40152d27b9fad36f1ddb8d174d4.jpgI know that really any food can be Valentines food if you shape it into a heart or write 'I love you' on it with ketchup, but here are a few of our favourite ideas for the special ones in your lives - kids and partners alike. You can have the children help you, or make them a special Valentines meal!

  • Use a metal or silicone heart shaped cutter to cook heart shaped pancakes for breakfast - just make sure they are fully cooked one side before you remove the cutter and flip. Our recipe for American pancakes is the best to use. (you could do it with friend eggs too!) 
  • Cut toast into heart shapes and spread with red jam
  • Send your family off to work and school with a healthy, red berry smoothie.
  • Use a heart shaped cutter to cut out sandwiches or fruit pieces for a loved up lunch.
  • Make heart shaped biscuits - we have a great little recipe HERE for you.
  • Have pizza for dinner, but obviously with a valentines twist. Instead of making a standard circle shape, mould the pizza base into a heart shape! Use tomatoes, pepperoni, red chillies to keep the theme.
  • Make pink and red the theme for the meal - think red pepper and tomato soup, red berries, pink icing and sprinkles on cakes and biscuits, strawberries and salmon.
  • Use letter cutters to spell out messages of love - you can use this biscuit recipe9957d25a52271af51db19201e120aa3b.jpg.
  • Use heart shaped ice cubes in drinks. You could even freeze berries into the ice. 
  • Make strawberry milkshake and add sprinkles to the rim of the glasses.
  • Who said cheese straws have to be straight - make them into a heart shape - a perfect after-school snack!
  • Make a pie for dinner and add pastry hearts on the top as decoration, or use letters to spell out a message
  • Finally think about the table, and atmosphere. My girls love it when we sprinkle heart confetti on the table and light candles. Use red napkins and make write little notes to each child telling them what you love about them, it doesn't have to cost lots of money to make memories. Valentines Day can be for the kids too!

Ria Dumbleton

Ria has 2 girls and previously worked in nurseries for over 15 years and left managing a day nursery when her eldest was born. She now works for Raring2go! as our Digital Content and Strategy Manager

If you are interested in writing for Raring2go! or featuring on our site please email Ria.

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