Raring2grow! for the Summer

Raring2grow! for the Summer

fabb94afd3a57f7ce7d50e66f2ede916.jpgRaring2grow! is all about getting children outdoors, into the green and away from the screen for a few brief minutes everyday to ‘grow’ something and share their successes and also not so successes with our Facebook group, Raring2grow!...

This time, we have some inspiration Summer gardening tips from Gardensite.co.uk. So get your gardening gloves on, Summer hat and sunscreen at the ready and enjoy your jobs to do for the Summer season...

The start of the summer season and what a great time to get outdoors. Start off by sowing Bellis Perennis, these are in the Daisy family. While with veg, salad cucumbers and gherkins are a popular growers choice for June weather.


If you wish to coax butterflies into your garden this summer, sow these Scabiosa flowers as they are rich in nectar. Small fruits should be ready to pick, while more can be sown to carry on throughout the rest of the season.

August time means most salad and fruits will be ready to pick. Although, spring onions, radish, salad leaves and fast-maturing carrots like Adelaide can be sown. Flower-wise, winter-flowering pansies are ideal ready for the months ahead.

The Hollyhock is one plant perfect for growing in September, these are sometimes called outhouse flowers as they were often planted to hide unattractive outhouses. Vegetables to Sow in September include spinach, pak choi and chinese cabbage.

A big thanks to Gardensite.co.uk for the top tips for the Summer jobs df247e4fda45362bad403e025e996ac6.jpgin the garden! 

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