Olympics Ideas for the Whole Family

Olympics Ideas for the Whole Family


c739b288c6b810c51b28e0c33528665b.jpgWith the Olympics this year it is a great opportunity to encourage our children to become involved in some kind of sport. There are so many different sports there really is something for everyone! If you are not lucky enough to have tickets to go to any of the events there are other ways to get the children ready and interested for the games!

Make Olympic ring biscuits. Use the recipe we have provided. To decorate mix icing sugar and water together. Divide the icing into 5 bowls. Colour each bowl of icing so that you have red, blue, yellow, green and black. Use the icing to decorate each biscuit.

Hold your own Olympics Gather all of your children's friends and family's together-make a day of it at the park! You could have running races, bike races, gym competitions or even make up new events, for example, fastest at eating a donut, Frisbee throwing, three legged race, water balloon toss-in pairs toss water balloons back and forth, moving further apart with each throw. The goal is to avoid breaking your water balloon. The last pair who hasn't broken their balloon wins, tug of war, Make sure you have a medal ceremony!

Watch the Games on the TV-invite friends round to watch favourite events. Each pick a different country to support and see who wins the most events!

Make a mascot-you could decorate a cuddly toy to support your country or make 5576a0c472c695f5d32bef990df672d5.jpga mascot from scratch.

Make an Olympic torch-use brown paper and roll into a large cone shape. Use yellow, orange and red tissue paper to scrunch up and use to put in the top of the cone to represent the flame.

Make medals and ceremony stand-to make the medal you could paint circles of card bronze, silver and gold. Put a hole in the top of the medal and feed a ribbon through the hole. Another way to make the medals would be to use salt dough or clay. Once dried the children can paint them. Make sure you put the hole in before the medals dry out. You need a medal stand for your medal ceremony. Use wooden crates or strong boxes. Each one needs to be slightly higher than the one before it. Paint them and decorate one with a number 1, one with a 2 and one with a 3. 1 is tallest in middle, 2 and 3 are same height 2 is one left of 1 if looking at it.

Make flags to support your country-why not make flags to support your country. Use large paper (rolls of lining paper are usually very reasonable in good DIY stores) or use old material or pillow cases. The children can use books or the internet to decide what flag they want to make and then using paint they can decorate it. Design you own flag if you want to!

Biscuit Olympics-I will definitely be doing this! Even on my own! Think of different events that you can do with your favourite biscuit (you get to eat them after!)Try biscuit rolling (easier if you pick a round biscuit!), biscuit eating (best to compete against someone for this event otherwise you'll just look greedy!), biscuit stacking-how high can you build a tower of biscuits, biscuit relay(in teams map out the running course and then do a lap each passing the biscuits like athletes do a baton.)The team will get disqualified if they drop or eat the biscuit during the race!

Make an Edible Olympic Torch-Using an Ice cream cone and either whipped cream or ice cream as the flame-cover the flame in yellow sprinkles. Enjoy!

Create own Olympic uniforms-If you are going to hold your own Olympics then you are going to need a uniform! Buy a cheap plain t-shirt and decorate with fabric paints or pens.

Make your own athletes breakfast-What does an athlete eat for breakfast? As k your child what they think and let them help you make it. Encourage them to think about what foods will give them energy.

Have an Olympic party-You could use most of the above ideas to hold an Olympic party-get the children to decorate paper table cloths and paper plates with Olympic circles or events.

Let me finish by saying that we wish team GB every success this Summer!

Ria Dumbleton

Ria has 2 girls and previously worked in nurseries for over 15 years and left managing a day nursery when her eldest was born. She now works for Raring2go! as our Digital Content and Strategy Manager

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