Carved pumpkin cake

Carved pumpkin cake


2e32cc8b92cd12c2a994b8ed3a5aa27a.jpg€‹Another great project from docrafts - this time a bake project with this amazing Halloween cake!  docrafts has joined with Raring2go! To bring you some great projects-some for adults and some for children-better still work together to make some wonderful crafty projects, cards and even cakes!

Oh 'gourd', what a truly spook-tacular Halloween treat! Bake a big pumpkin or make loads of individual little cupcakes for your guests - perfect as showstopping centrepieces!

1. Bake three layers of sponge in a Little Venice Cake Company 8" round cake tin. Level the tops using a 12" serrated knife, making two of the layers slightly shorter. 

2. Sandwich all the layers together with buttercream and chill for half an hour. TIP Chill the cake between each stage to make it easier to work with.

3. Using the serrated knife and a small sharp knife, carve the top of the cake. Cut four sides into the top layer, down to the middle layer, then trim the corners. Repeat for the bottom of the cake. 

4. Using the small sharp knife, cut thin segments out of the cake to make the pumpkin ridges. Neaten the edges into a curved shape. Cover the cake in a thin layer of buttercream and chill.

5. Knead the orange sugarpaste until pliable and then roll it into a circle big enough to cover the top and sides of the pumpkin at a thickness of around 4mm. Drape it over the cake, 941a3034406687c57ec08edf469ac623.jpgsmooth and trim the bottom. 

6. Add tylo to three different colours of green sugarpaste to make modelling paste. Roll a small amount of each shade of green into sausages and wrap around the large veining tool to make fronds. Remove, keeping the shapes and leave to dry.

7. Using a small rolling pin, roll a thin layer of all of the three colours of green sugarpaste and cut freehand leaf shapes in each of the colours using the small sharp knife. 

8. Impress lines along each of the sugarpaste leaves with the leaf shaper tool. Drape the leaves over the end of the palette knife handle to create a curved shape when drying.

9. Roll out a thin layer of black sugarpaste and use the small sharp knife to freehand cut two triangular eyes, a triangular nose and a jagged mouth. Set all of this aside to dry for about an hour. 

10. Roll out yellow sugarpaste. Apply water to the backs of the black features with a paint brush and stick on the yellow sugarpaste. Cut out the features creating a narrow yellow border. Leave to dry. 

11. Dampen the back of the features with a little water on a paint brush and gently stick on the front of the pumpkin cake making sure they are even and well spaced. Hold for a few seconds, if necessary, to adhere.

12. Roll green sugarpaste into a thick sausage, squash one end and flare the other with your d688dc78c7070fa33c54d5dab916b739.jpgthumb to form the pumpkin stalk. Cut small triangles around the bottom of the stalk. 

13. Use the leaf shaper tool to draw lines up the sugarpaste stalk from the triangles. Use a little water as glue to fix the stalk to the middle of the top of the pumpkin. 

14. Cover a 12" round cake board with a layer of dark green sugarpaste. Smooth the surface with a flat smoother then trim the edges with a sharp knife and leave to dry. 

15. Using the palette knife, smear royal icing or buttercream over the middle of the covered board as glue. Lift the decorated pumpkin cake gently on to the board, positioning in the middle. 

16. Arrange the curly green fronds and the different coloured leaves around the pumpkin, tucking the leaves neatly under the base. Check that it looks symmetrical then add ribbon around the edge of the board. 

Your cake is now finished and ready to be the centrepiece of any Halloween party or meal!

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Have a spooky Halloween! 



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