Bonfire Night at Home

Bonfire Night at Home

2d7c61d069c01b9f6638a656f22c0255.jpgA traditional Bonfire Night as we know it, is not likely to happen this year. Like so many events, many community bonfires have been cancelled because of the Covid19 restrictions.

But you can still hold your own Bonfire Night entertainment on the 5th November 2020.

Here are some suggestions for ways that your family can have safe, fun at home together.

1. You could buy a fire basket and have your own mini fire in the garden.

2. Add 'Mystical Fire' to the flames to change their colour! You can order this magical dust from Amazon.

3. Make your own Guy Fawkes with stockings and straw. Dress him up and display him proudly on your doorstep. Maybe your street could hold the best guy competition!

4. Light sparklers and write your name in the air

5. Have a go at Apple Bobbing with a big bucket of water 

6. You could make a playlist of songs about fire!

7. Toast marshmallows on your fire or make smores. 

8. Wear glowsticks and dance about the garden making your own colourful display!

9. See how many fireworks you can spot in the sky from home displays in your area.

10. Try stargazing  - what shapes can you see? 

11. Try making Bonfire Cup Cake or Toffee Apples.

12. Decorate your house with painted leaves. Or make your own bonfire picture using twigs and leaves. Find lot of Autumn Craft ideas here.

13. Have you ever tried Doughnut Bobbing? 1de1631800e4112ac53fd9479314fd8f.jpgHang delicious doughnuts from string, on a pole or coat hanger. Stand beneath them with your hands behind your back and try and take a bite from them!

14. The Exploding Bottle is always popular! All you need is a bottle of Diet Coke, a packet of Mentos mints and a sheet of A4 paper.

15. Look up to the sky! 
If you live in the Dudley area, step outside your front door at 8pm on the 5 November, look up at the Dudley sky and see the sparkling fireworks fly. We want to say thank you to the NHS, key workers and everyone for playing their part.  This free community event will be replacing the popular Himley Bonfire but this spectacular display will be safe for everyone to enjoy from home.

You can also tune into Black Country Radio at 8pm to hear the synchronised soundtrack.

16. Have a camp out (indoors)
The Annual Sleep Out event for YMCA is going 'virtual' for 2020. You could arrange your own indoor sleepover for charity too! Find out more here:

Do you have any more ideas for a bostin' bonfire night at home? Please let us know and we'll add them to the list! 


Sally Walters

Sally Walters

Editor of Raring2go! Kidderminster & Stourbridge since 2008. Local font of knowledge. Mother of two and wife of one.

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