7 Awesome Autumn Activities

7 Awesome Autumn Activities


88af3e81a112fa1d672d24fcaf2d8cbb.jpgBlow away the cobwebs! Here are some 6 awesome autumn activities for you.

1. Hide and Find
Have a go at painting some rocks with a Halloween theme, then head outdoors to hide them. There are lots of facebook groups dedicated to Painted Rocks where you can share photos of ones you find. Another more sophisticated treasure hunt is called ˜geocaching'. Download the Geocaching app on your smartphone to have a go. It uses GPS to help you find containers, or ˜caches' that other people have hidden. It's a worldwide craze and there are millions of caches hidden right under your nose! You could even hide one yourself. See the article here to learn more.

2. Build a Den
We are lucky to have so many great outdoor spaces on our doorstep. Pop your wellies on and head to the Wyre Forest if you fancy a go at den building with friends (have you seen their new play area yet?) The enclosed natural play area at Nimmings Wood, Clent, is also a lovely place for building dens. Children can also have a go at den building and much more, at the Wilderness Explorer sessions run by The World Outside at Bodenham Arboretum. There are some great tips for den building on the Woodland Trust website.

3. Feed the Birds
Making a bird-cake will definitely attract birds to your garden and is a nice activity to do with your children. You will need-bird seed, raisins, peanuts, grated cd1c9ff0988c9b8f85f813169f98a034.jpgcheese, lard or suet, string, empty yoghurt pots, scissors and mixing bowl. Use the lard at room temperature, cut into small pieces, and put in mixing bowl. Add other ingredients and mix with your fingers. Make a hole in the pot and tie string to it. Fill the pots with the mixture and set in the fridge for a couple of hours. Hang them on the trees and wait!

4. Enjoy a Nature Trail
At this time of year both Bodenham Arboretum, the Wyre Forest and Arley Arboretum are wonderful places to stroll around. See how much the colours of the trees have changed since the summer! Autumn leaves are perfect for making a colourful collage. For ideas on what to do with your haul, such as painting Ghost Leaves, take a look at the Kidzone on our website. 

If you prefer something a little more scary, many venues are holding Trick or Treat trails. Take a look.

5. Fly a Kite
As the wind picks up, it's the perfect time to head for the hills and fly a kite! We have great open spaces at Severn Valley Country Park, or Habberley Valley, or climb to the top of the Clent Hills. The views are amazing!

6. Carve a Pumpkin
Pumpkin carving is a must! Hartlebury Museum and Webbs Garden Centre in Hagley will all be offering pumpkin carving this half term (take the pumpkin home and leave all the mess behind!) At Little Owl Farm Park and f84a0c03285367e359d3ee89b4018ddd.jpgHatton Adventure World you can actually choose your pumpkin from the field they're grown in. Make sure you share photos of your carvings with us on our facebook page. We saw some great photos last year!

7. Visit the Library

Stay out of the wind and rain and pop into the local library. Many are running free themed activities for children. Stourbridge Library have a free Halloween Craft Session on 29 October. You could pick up some spooky stories, or get in the mood for Christmas with some festive books.

We'd love to see photos of  your autumn antics. Join us on  Facebook/Raring2goKidderminster.

Sally Walters

Editor of Raring2go! Kidderminster & Stourbridge since 2008. Local font of knowledge. Mother of two and wife of one.

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