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b67141f535310a15495f2ed6e4900850.jpgThank you to all our Roving Reporters who have contributed the following fantastic reviews:

Thinktank at Birmingham
“I went to Thinktank at Half Term with my friend, Libbie. It was awesome! You have to wear a wrist band then you can go and discover all the epic things, over 4 floors, like the play café and science garden. There were lots of fun facts to discover too like how things are made and I learnt things about the past. I also liked the shop at the end!”                           
Daisy Robinson, aged 8

Forest School at Bodenham
“At half term I went to Forest School and had a fab and wild time. First, I made a super den; hammered sticks into the ground; drilled holes into wood and then made a pancake over the camp fire, it tasted     fabulous in my tummy. I cannot wait to go again!”
Robbie Wiggins, aged 5

Little Saplings at Hurcott Woods
‘On Wednesday I went to Hurcott Woods and I tried to make a fire but it was too rainy. We toasted marshmallows and bread in it. I made a shelter. And I won the shelter challenge because the team I was on won. It was very wet in to wood but it didn’t matter as I had lots of fun’
Daisy Bate age 5

Museum of Carpet, Kidderminster
During February half term we visited the Carpet Museum for a special VIP movie event to celebrate the Oscars.  We had our photographs taken e1f0009f8636d816491fff4d82cd1889.jpgon the red carpet and then did some film star themed crafts – we printed our handprints onto clay and made a poster with our name in a star (like the Hollywood Walk of Fame). We then had some popcorn and watched the Pixar film ‘Inside Out’ which is about a girl called Riley and her different emotions, and how she copes when moving house and school.  

We also had some time to view the lovely displays in the museum and we discovered how carpets were made locally in Kidderminster.

By Euan Gaskin and Abigail Floyd (age 9)

Go Ape in the Wyre Forest

"On Tuesday in Half Term we went to Go Ape at the Wyre Forest with our friends Tom and Amy. It was amazing! 

We had to read through a safety sheet first (and go to the toilet!), then we all got strapped up. It is best to take a pair of gloves as you are holding onto ropes a lot. You can choose which course to do, out of 1, 2 or 3. Each course takes you through the trees and even though this was the junior version it was still really high. Some of the platforms are fixed but some swing around, making it harder! They all end with a zip wire which is the best bit!

In three words Go Ape was FUN, ADVENTUROUS and ACTIVE. "

Joe and Annie Hallowell, aged 12 and 10.

"I went to Go Ape with my friend and 1ba3c08a588823e7b1f5afb7bd4d099e.pngI thought it was great fun. It is a course full of high ropes, zip wires, high steps and more . A member of staff put your harness on and takes you through the safety points and then you're up and away. But if ever you need help you just call down to an instructor and they will help you right away. We didn't need help and I fet so pleased with myself afterwards! You get given a cerificate too. I love Go Ape and I recommend it for you. "  Amy Walters, aged 10.

Build a Bear Party
“My little sister had a Build a Bear party for her birthday as she was 2 (at Merry Hill) She had two of her nursery friends and some of her family for the party and I went too because I am her big brother. It was   before the shop was open so we had it all to ourselves. We chose our bears and we all made a birthday wish for Maisy and kissed a special heart which we gave to her to put in her bear. After we had worked the special machine to put the fluff into the bears we played some games. We hid our bears in the shop and then everyone had to go and hunt for them. At the end of the party we all sang happy birthday to Maisy. We had a box house for our bears, then they came to our house after 79092901ed3a49d079d42eff1dbb54d9.jpgfor a teddy bears picnic which I helped to make.” William Kellett aged 5.

‘KAOS’ holiday club at Laser Quest, Stourbridge
“I really enjoyed my visit to Laser Quest during Half Term with my friend Tom. We played different types of team battles and we had a ‘free for all’ game at the beginning to practise. The helpers were really friendly. They even played the games with us. And if we hit them we got extra points! I really want to go back to Laser Quest soon even though it was exhausting!”
Ben Nolan, aged 10.

Sycamore Adventure Centre, Dudley
"Me, my little brother George and our friends visited Sycamore Adventure Centre during the Easter holidays. There was so much to do, we didn't know where to start!  Us girls played in the big boat  outside and George and Brandon loved pumping the water down the stream. We had our face painted, potted Sunflowers and took part in the sports day activities and George won! You must go visit!"
Lily Barnes age 5.

Hatton Country World  “We had a great day out at Hatton using our 30% off voucher. There are lots of different activities for the children ranging from, animal feeding, funfair rides, tractor rides, pony rides, strawberry picking and more” Lucy Buckland.  Her 4 year old Chloe wrote: “ I fed the animals and played on the big bouncy slide. My favourite thing was riding the pony, I've never 19_bclm-3.jpgridden one before. There was lots of toy tractors to ride and I  had a glove on and an owl flew onto my arm. It was great!”


The Black Country Museum
"When I went to the Black country museum for the day with my family, I found it very interesting seeing how they lived in the Victorian times. We also went down the mine, to see what conditions the minors had to work in.I could not believe that children as young as myself worked in the mines. I enjoyed playing the games and with the toys that the children played with in the 1850's. I had a great day out at the Black Country museum."
Louis Beddows aged 10

Redwings Horse Santuary
"In the Whitsun holiday I went with my family to Redwings Horse Sanctuary in Oxhill. It is free entry  and you can give a donation if you want to.  All money goes to looking after the animals.  The Sanctuary take in badly treated animals, neglected or abused and try and rehome some when they are better. We saw lots of different kinds of horses ,mules and donkies , my favourite horse was Edam . He was named after a type of cheese! The biggest horse is named Major who is 17.3hh which is extremely tall in human height 180.34cm to be exact.  There is a cafe and shop aswell.  Brilliant day out we have been a few times now well worth going."
Anna Rawlings Age 8

Wren's Nest Nature Reserve
"During half term, I had a phenomenal experience at Wren's Nest. I was elated when I heard we were going to build fairy and elf houses! The first incredible, active, activity I did was build Elves and Fairy houses we could be as imagitive as possible! After that, we went fabulous fossal hunting where I found sea shells, sea lilies, coral and animals that were dug up from decades back! I learned a colossal amount whilst I was playing, looking and building. "I love Wren's Nest!"
Roving Reporter, Cassie Wiggins, age 9

Sports Camp
"During the Easter holidays I went to Sports Camp with my best friend Erin. It was awesome!
We always have a warm up first and I tried sports like dodgeball, benchball, cricket, football and gymnastics.I would really like to go there again and next time do all 4 days so I can try and win a trophy. I would recommend this to all my friends and would give it 5 stars!"
 From Thea Hunt, Aged 6

Prinknash Abbey Bird and Deer Park, Cranham, Gloucestershire
"At half term I went with my family to the bird and deer park. You could stroke the deers and walk next to them. There were reindeers,minature donkeys,lots of different kinds of birds and pygmy goats. I played in the two storey Tudor Wendy House by the lake, it had lots of toys in to play with. But the best part was the laughing Kookaburras .Have you ever heard a bird laugh? If you haven't then you'll have a shock when you do.(there will be a new visitor center opening in August 2014)."
Anna Rawlings, aged 7

Live the Adventure LTD
"On Sunday 3rd August 2014 myself (Louise), husband (John) Harvey (age 7) and Howard (age 4) went on a short journey from Bewdley to Stottesdon for the Family Adventure Day. 

We were unsure what to expect but for £6 entrance (all going to charity) I thought, well, if we are only here a couple of hours it's a reasonable price, and at least it's all going to charity.

But how wrong could I have been, within minutes of arriving my boys were up a rock climbing wall, followed by horse riding, archery, laser tag, leap of faith, (climbing up a a huge pole and trying to catch a trapeze!) canoeing and orienteering.  We never had time to try all the activities that were there.  

The staff were so friendly and helpful, especially as neither of my boys had done the majority of any of the activities before.

The day quickly came to an end at 4pm.  Had we really spent 6 hours for £6 in such a great spot so,local and I'd never heard of it before.  

We were walking back to the car, shattered from a great day out and both Harvey and Howard asked when they could go back again.  Lucky for them I'd picked up some more leaflets whilst I was there advertising a c210ea2fe5c0590252ddc913a50292ba.jpgfamily fun day, which john and Harvey attended on 13th August.  Again they had a great time shooting air rifles, Jacobs ladder, leap of faith and raft building.  The cost was £25 each, John felt this was a great price for such a well organised day out where both adults and children both had a great time.  

The centre offers family days and kids adventure days.  Harvey is looking forward to the half terms to be able to go back again.  Perhaps Howard needs to be a couple of years older to fully appreciate the activities.  But what a great little find for any kid that likes the outdoors.

I should also mention the centre also organises family adventures holidays! May have to save up our pennies for that one though :-)"
Louise Lloyd (parent)

Saltwells Nature Reserve
"In the summer holidays I went to Saltwells Nature Reserve with my family for a cycling adventure. I cycled 7km! We went on the sculpture trail and saw lots of interesting wooden and metal statues - the train was my favourite sculpture.
Whilst we were there we took part in a pottery workshop. I learned that Dudley had a lot of clay underground and it was used to make Doulton pottery. I made a clay cup and saucer and left them on display in a field.
There are different trails at Saltwells and the next time I go I will take a different route and try to cycle 8, 9 or 10 km!"
Jai Sanehi, 73d0b4a5e0eb428436894734ff0f1757(1).jpgage 5½ .

Canoeing with Sun Valley Canoeing
"One of the best things I've done this year is canoeing from Bridgnorth to Arley.  My friend Amy and I canoed all the way along the River Severn, stopping for a picnic and a swim in the river.  Amy was splashing wherever she sat and we both soaked Mummy.  We could see the steam trains on the SVR and waved at loads of people whilst we paddled.  It was my first time canoeing and it was fantastic!  I'd love to do it again."
Katie Pinder (left), aged 8

Severn Valley Country Park, Alverley
"During the summer, we went to the seaside event at Severn Valley Country Park. We made a kite, a flag for our sandcastle & we played hit the coconut, pin the tail on the donkey & made sandcastles with the buckets & spades.  My favourite part was pinning the tail on the donkey & making sandcastles with my baby brother."
Eden Metti Age 4

Lego Workshop from Create Build Learn
"Me and my friend Oliver had great fun building Dr Who's tardis at the Lego Workshop during Half Term. We had a race to build the biggest tower and the amount of time was twenty seconds to build the tower and we enjoyed the story the man on the moon.
I built a space ship and 10 aliens.
I had a legotastic day with my lovely mummy.
Thank you to Create Build Learn."
By Callum 19_roving-reporter.jpgBailey, Yr 1

RAF Cosford Museum
"During the half term holiday me, my brother and some of my friends went to Cosford Air Museum. We saw lots planes and I went into a Red Arrow simulator. We also did some Halloween crafts and went through a science part to show how they fly and how the flaps work. We had a fab day!" "Samuel Hartland, aged 10.

First Class Learning, English and maths tutors, Kidderminster
"First Class Learning is great because it helps me learn more because I used to struggle, but now I don't because I come here.My school teacher has given me maths awards and said I have improved lots more." Cohan. aged 9.

The Gallagher O’Conner Irish Dancing Academy
"In September I started a  new dance class in Stourbridge.  The class has beginners through to world class dancers.  It’s amazing to watch them!  You start with soft shoes and do dances such as Beginners Reel and Light Jig.  When you are more competent, you can move on to heavy shoes, which is a different style of dancing.  There is always an opportunity to compete in a Feis ( pronounced “fesh”).  A Feis is an Irish Dance competition for all level of dancers. I really enjoy going, and so do my friends!" Catherine Cassells, aged 10.        

Boing Zone, Stourbridge

I received a very useful and fun Christmas present last year – a gift card to use at Boing Zone!  Boing is an indoor trampoline park, located next to Chillly Kiddys on Mill Race Lane.

Trampolining is a great way to have fun and keep fit, but like all sports involves risk, so firstly the health and safety bit.  You must book your 30, 60 or 120 minute session on-line as it’s usually very busy.  You must also complete an on-line waiver otherwise you can’t bounce.  When you arrive, you will watch an important safety video that informs you what is and is not permitted on the trampolines.   You’ll also be given a pair of socks that have a special grip on them to make your bouncing safer.  

Then it is up to you how you spend your session at Boing!  You can keep fit on the free running area, launch yourself into the foam pit, get competitive on the battle beam, slam dunk in the basketball zone or be brave and scale the climbing wall (don’t worry – there’s a soft landing into the foam pit!).

There are staff on the trampolines to supervise you, and spectators can watch all the fun from a little viewing area above.

After all that exercise you can cool down with a delicious Polar Crush slush drink in the café.  

 Euan Gaskin, aged 9, Stourbridge

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