Rediscover the Great Outdoors with Treasure Trails

Rediscover the Great Outdoors with Treasure Trails

63ab79bb49a23782dee1bc4e625683ba.jpgRe-Discover the Great Outdoors With Treasure Trails

Step outside and re-discover a world of fun and adventure with Treasure Trails this summer.

Solve the clues and uncover the secrets with one of more than 1,200 self-guided adventure trails across the UK.

With themes including Treasure Hunts, Spy Missions and Murder Mysteries, Treasure Trails provide the perfect solution to responsible, social distancing entertainment.

“Getting outside into the fresh air is incredibly important for wellness and mental health, especially in these uncertain times,” said Aaron Hutchens, General Manager Treasure Trails.

“Our ethos at Treasure Trails has always been to encourage people to ditch the screens and explore the wonderful places on their doorstep.

“A Treasure Trail is a fun and challenging joint activity with the benefit of discovering something completely new about a destination – even if it’s on your own doorstep.

“It’s also a really effective way to fit in some exercise, get some much-needed vitamin D and flex those little grey cells,” he added.

Lasting around two hours, each trail has its own specific theme and makes use of well-known local landmarks, signs, statues, monuments, images, engravings or any other unique or eye-catching features to create an exciting adventure.

From remote locations to wide-open spaces, there are hundreds of  Treasure Trails to choose from across the country, whether you’re budding buccaneers, mini Miss Marples or undercover secret agents.

Treasure Trail booklets cost £9.99 (plus P&P if required), are suitable for up to five people and designed to appeal 28d63a03d533c3581ea0e6f28511eafa.jpgto all ages. Trails are also available to buy online and download to print at home, and therefore can remain completely contactless.

What: Explore the local neighbourhood with Treasure Trails

Why: Treasure Trails are a fantastic way for families, couples and small groups to explore and uncover the secrets of the UK.

How Much: Treasure Trails cost £9.99 for the downloadable and print at home version or £11.48 (including p&p) for the posted version.

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Raring2go! Reviews:

"With the sun shining on a Saturday afternoon we thought this was the perfect time to try out one of the trails from Treasure Trails UK. We chose the one based around Kenilworth. The information on the website suggested that it would take us around 2.5 hours and this was probably a fair estimate – we took a little longer but were in no hurry to rush the children through the section that took us through the park and also made a pit stop for ice cream part way along. We all enjoyed the afternoon, the clues ranged in difficulty with some needing us to spot something within an image in the trail booklet to others that were a little bit more cryptic. My children (Aged 8 and 12) could have done most of it without any adult help once they got going with plenty of excitement as they were racing to search for the next clue (as long as yours are able to read the directions and 892e6f29cc7cc0251b32769bcaa9fe7a.jpgunderstand the clues they should be fine). In total we walked around 2 miles and there was no complaining from any of the smaller people at any point! We did choose to do our trail in a town that we know fairly well but this didn’t make the clues easier to find as they tend to be based on letters within signs/ notices etc. We did all agree though that it would be a great way to explore somewhere new, perhaps on a weekend away or a day trip."

Review by: Nicola Maile, Editor of Raring2go! South Warwickshire

AS A FATHER’S DAY OUTING we decided to drag the teenagers out of their bedrooms to try out the Treasure Trail in Trysull & Wombourne. We often whizz through these beautiful Staffordshire villages on our bikes, so it would be nice to take our time strolling through them. We downloaded the leaflet before we set off and read the backstory about the murder mystery that we were being asked to solve: who killed Iona Mutt, a fictitious owner of the local kennels. Our clues led us to various landmarks around the villages, with the aim of eliminating suspects and the weapon used. We had to drive a short distance between villages to complete the full trail. (Which gave the teenagers chance to rest their legs and check their phones!!) Some of the clues were missing (perhaps signs taken down?) or we couldn't find the answer— but we could use up to 3 lifelines by texting HQ for the answer. The trail took just  longer than the 2 hours 25 minutes suggested, but we did take a wrong turning at one point. We all felt the trails were a good way to add interest to a family walk, and would be a great way to explore an unfamiliar area, such as a UK holiday destination.

Review by: Sally Walters, Raring2go! editor for Kidderminster & Stourbridge

We’ve done quite a few walks as a family over these last few months so the chance to have a purpose to our meanderings was one we were really excited about. I picked a walking and driving murder mystery trail around Trysull, Wombourne & Bratch Locks in South Staffordshire. I thought the murder mystery element would appeal to my boys (aged 12 and 14), they would be encouraged by not having to walk it all and it is an area they have never explored before, so I hoped it would give the feel of going somewhere new. We were tasked with finding out who killed Iona Mutt, a fictitious owner of the local kennels. Following the directions on our case notes we made our way around the route solving clues, some of which involved finding picture clues that were on our case notes and others looking at buildings and landmarks to eliminate the weapon used or suspects in the case. We came a cropper at the beautiful All Saints Church in Trysull when 5c719b91f5905165b6b7dab746060c76.jpgwe scoured the headstones for clues in vain – luckily the trail allows you to text in to HQ if you are stuck and they text you back the answer within seconds. You are allowed three of these – we used all 3. Next it was a sort drive to Wombourne where we followed the directions we were given around the centre of the village ending in the grounds of the historic St Benedict Biscop Church. We then jumped back in the car to cover the short distance to Bratch Locks, where our sleuthing led us to discover the murderer and murder weapon! We headed back home to enter our answers into the Treasure Trail website for the chance to win £100. The trail said it would take us 2.25 hours to complete and we did it in exactly this amount of time. We walked quite a distance without realising it as we were so keen to solve the next clue. We all agreed that the trail was fun and gave a new perspective to our walks as it got us to look up and down at things we might have just walked passed before.

Review by: Jo Messenger, Raring2go! editor of Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire

I wanted to take my Godchildren out for a day in the fresh air and thought a Treasure Trail would be a great way to see the sites of Droitwich, whilst learning about the town and how to read a map .

With a picnic at the ready we set off for our first clue. We found the statue required and we then had to work out the name on the treasure map in connection with the information about the statue (which was a little tricky but we got it in the end) .

The trail took us around the town, into the two parks and onto the canals . The children loved exploring and having a play at the two parks helped break up the trail and let them run off a bit of excitement.

We had a picnic by the canal which was lovely. Here, we learnt all about the Salt Way and the importance of the barges taking the salt across the country.

A family of swans were in residence on the canal and we watched them having a great time stretching their wings !

A few times we walked too far and had to re-trace our steps. Some of the clues were a little hard for the younger children to work out, even us old ones over thought a few were tricky !

We got to the end and although we didn't 'get to the treasure' the children weren’t disappointed as we had a fantastic day out .

Plus an ice cream at the end is always a treat !

It says the trail takes approximately 2 hours by foot to complete. We took longer as we played in the parks and had a picnic.

I would recommend this trail for all ages but you definitely need some adult guidance as younger children couldn’t do it on their own.

Review by: Lisa Bayliss, Raring2go! editor of Bromsgrove and Redditch

We become Secret Agents!

During lockdown Team Raring2go! have discovered walks, sites and interesting things in their local area! Our Editor Victoria and her daughter live in Inverurie and have been amazed by what they  have missed right on their doorstep in a place they have lived for nine years!

At the start of the summer holidays they took on the challenge of a Treasure Trail in Inverurie and had a great afternoon exploring and learning even more! Did you know that the large hill in the graveyard is called ‘The Bass’ and was the site of one of Scotland’s oldest mott and bailey castles? No? Nor did they!

There are a HUGE 23 Treasure Trails in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire alone – and they are a great way to explore your hometown or further afield. From a Murder Mystery Trail in Nairn, to a Treasure Hunt in Ellon you can find out so much and have fun doing it with your family!

Luckily, the trail allows you to text their HQ if you are stuck and they text back the answer within seconds. You are allowed three of these – we managed with two! The trail ended at Kellands Park and we cracked the code We headed back home to enter our answers into the Treasure Trail website for the chance to win £100.

Review by Victoria Withy, Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire

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