Why you should use good photographs in adverts

Why you should use good photographs in adverts


41f121b4b51ae6bb2944149e78fdc3ea.jpgThe Power of the Picture

The first bite is in the eye!  The first impression any reader will form of your business will be because of that first image they see. Attract their attention and you will then have an opportunity to convince them why they should choose your product or services.

With that in mind, the image should be the most important part of your advert. However, it is often overlooked and advertisers spend too much time agonising over text or offers that will often go unnoticed because they haven't captured the imagination of the targeted prospect.

So what can you do?

Don't DIY

Unless you have experience or training the best advice is don't try to take the photograph yourself. Low-quality images project an image of low-quality service. Smart phones are great for convenience, but images can often be low resolution, too €˜busy' or poorly lit.

Make it Personal

Stock websites can offer clean crisp images that will be a better option than nothing or poor quality. The disadvantages are that they are available to everyone else and impersonal to your business.  You may therefore see that €˜downloaded' image used by one of your competitors on their advert too.

Use a Professional

As the business own or manager, you want to put all your efforts into doing what you do best - running that business!  So for your promotional material, using a professional photographer who has the experience and knowledge to capture the right images to promote a8f3a114ac3d5ebfdab63833630e13bc(1).jpgyour business is a worthwhile investment. It then frees up your time to focus at what you're good at.

They will be able to provide clean, crisp images that are relevant to your business and offer you the best chance of getting noticed. Because a professional photographer will have a wealth of experience in working with other businesses, they will be able to advise you on the type of shots that work well.

Build up a portfolio

Imagine having a library of photographs specific to your business that you can then call upon for all your promotional needs, be that website, print adverts or social media. You can then vary the artwork each time and adapt your promotion to each season, or each part of the business that you need to promote, and adapt the image to different types of media.

Doug Anderson is working with Raring2go! advertisers to help them release the power of the picture and achieve outstanding artwork. Just get in touch with Sally if you want to know more.

Author: Douglas Anderson LBIPP


Raring2go! can offer advertisers a photography service as part of a print and digital Annual Package.

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