Survival is Success: Remote Learning

Survival is Success: Remote Learning

3ecace175b5e5ee8d65f4625b6748619.jpgRemote Learning: Survival is Success!

If you’re daunted by the prospect of your children learning at home, take a deep breath. These are unprecedented times and to a certain extent we are all winging it.

No one is expecting you to replace your child’s classroom teacher.
They are professionals who have spent years training for the job. Your job as a parent is to keep children safe and happy.

Many of you will also be trying to work from home, so go easy on yourself.

Here are a few thoughts, which I hope help you:


- Children are used to structure at school and little routines help break up the day. Come up with a routine that works for YOUR family. Don’t worry what everyone else is doing.

- Let your child use their imagination with free play.

- Play in the garden.

- Read together- Encourage a bit of writing or colouring. Write a letter to a family member, neighbour or anyone who lives alone.

- Go for walks together. Look for rainbows!

- Learn maths through play, e.g. explore numbers by counting toys, or baking.

- Perhaps introduce some familiarity from school, eg print off the school values

- Ask your child about songs or rituals they enjoy from school that you could maybe incorporate into your day.

- FaceTime friends each day eg to sing together or show each other pictures you’ve drawn.

- Turn up the music and dance together!

- Share ideas with other 7e69c0e08041a6844fd92b29e8bc7dc4.jpgfamilies.

- Use online resources – there are plenty out there.

- Use screen time as a reward for completing school work – remember schools have breaks and playtimes too where children get a chance to talk and play between lessons.

Don’t worry if your child has too much work or too little work. Schools are doing their best.
Survival is success!

Don’t expect this to go smoothly from day one. We’re all trying to adapt to new circumstances! Transition takes time.

Reflect on what you’ve all learnt today and celebrate the small wins. 

Schools also teach our children values; a sense of community; compassion; citizenship and these are just as important as maths. Now is a great time for us all to model this behaviour for our children.

This is an unexpected opportunity to spend more time with our families. Enjoy it! Children grow up so fast.

*Follow the government guidelines. Stay indoors and stay safe.*

Sally Walters

Sally Walters

Editor of Raring2go! Kidderminster & Stourbridge since 2008. Local font of knowledge. Mother of two and wife of one.

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