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83736db9038ff3cdd2a32e632b31c887.jpgClassrooms in the Clouds: Dedicated to improving education for the most underprivileged children in Nepal.

Getting an Education in Nepal is a Mountainous Task

Classrooms In The Clouds is working in partnership with UK school children to raise money to build classrooms in Nepal.  This is an exciting project and will involve hundreds of primary school children supporting their peers in Nepal through some amazing and creative fundraising events.  Sponsored walks, non-uniform days and many more unusual ideas are being held to help some of the most underprivileged children in the world.  As their fundraising starts to build up they will be able to see what it will be going towards.


The project was started in 2016 by schools in Dudley, West Midlands. Not only will the children in the Dudley area be fundraising but they will be learning about the way of life of the children they are supporting.

If your local school is looking for an overseas project to support, this could be the one. Your school could make a HUGE difference to the lives of children in Nepal, who are just keen to learn.

Classrooms in Clouds can help by delivering an environment in which they can learn. It costs just £100 to fit a sink to provide, clean running water.
The charity also funds teacher exchange programmes, so Nepalese teachers can learn from UK teachers.

This video will help students to understand how different life can be in the villages in rural Nepal.

How 20dd32de7e4f322c3770cb068356ffcd.jpgcan you help?

Would you like your children to be more globally aware?  Are you interested in equality and women’s rights?  Are you great at fundraising? Is your local school looking to partner with an overseas fundraising project?

If any of these ideas ring true, we’d love you to help support the children of Nepal.  We’re always looking for donations.  

Find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. 

Find out more:  visit our website at or follow us on and  or email

To chat to someone about the Dudley Schools fundraising project, contact Sally Sixsmith at St James's CE Primary School in Stourbridge on  01384 818810.

Thank you!

Charity Number also 1170522.  

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