Virtual Fundraising For School PTAs

Virtual Fundraising For School PTAs

5527f3549f8ebd5fcb32a61d736b8839.jpegRaising PTA funds – virtually!

The current pandemic has had a huge impact on the fundraising plans for school PTAs as many of the events, such as summer fetes, that would usually generate much-needed revenue for schools, have had to be put on hold.  If there is one thing we have all learned during this crisis, it's that you can be creative and find alternative ways of achieving goals.

So, how can you raise funds whilst adhering to the current restrictions? Here are some our ideas to get you started.

1. Run a Silent Auction
People are spending much more time online so it’s a great time to run a silent auction for items you had collected for your Summer fairs. You could run the auction on the school or group’s Facebook group and ask members to place their bids of the posts of each item or have a virtual event via Zoom.

2. Register with an Online Cash Back Website
With online sales rocketing, you can sign up your group (if it is a charity) to websites that give a percentage of cash to buyer’s selected charities, examples include Amazon SmileGive as you LiveTop Cash Back and Ebay for Charity or if you are fundraising for a sports club, check out Fantastic Fanatics. Let all the families connected with your school or group know so they can sign up too!

3. Take on a Challenge
Take the amazing Captain c75f6b95812b4e027e17f9d9eb9dd81f.jpgTom Moore as an inspiration and take on a challenge to raise funds. If your children are going into school every day, they could run laps around the school field, or how about walking or cycling to school instead of driving. The possibilities are endless, and parents and children can get involved too - either at home or at school.

4. Hold a Virtual Quiz/ Race
Who knew online quizzes would become so popular? Online video chat platforms such as Zoom have enabled friends and families to connect during the lockdown and they are also extremely popular for holding quizzes or virtual races. So, why not hold one yourself to raise funds for your school?

5. Set up a Donations Page
Set up a donations page on a fundraising platform such as Virgin Money Giving or  Just Giving. If you were working towards raisings funds for a specific project, you could set that as your target and ask for donations to help you get there.

Via Facebook, Stacey Deeley says, "Our school use Your School Lottery to raise funds"

Jenny Davis, representing Blakedown CE Primary Schools says "We hold a monthly lottery, and  we’ve also set up a gofundme page as all events are cancelled until Feb 2021"

6. Grant applications
A number of companies offer grants to charities, community groups and PTAs. Try searching for ‘PTA grants’ for details of current programmes. The competition can be tough for these, so think hard about what you want the funding for and how it would benefit your school.

7. Dress down days
Often known as mufti days, this is a simple way to raise funds. Invite children to wear their own clothes for the day in return for a small donation to the school. You could even select a theme - fancy dress, superhero or a specific colour for example.

8. Design a Christmas Card
Let the children design their own Christmas artwork which can be made into cards and other items. A number of companies offer this services such as Cauliflower Cards or Art Projects for Schools.

9. Design a Tea Towel
Libby Hill, on our Facebook page, shared this: “ There are companies that send out a pack. Kids each draw a picture of themselves then arranged by teacher with name if school/class etc. Printed and sold to parents to raise funds for the PTA.” Try Stuart Morris Tea Towels.

If you have any more ideas to add to this list, just let us know! Email here.

Sally Walters

Sally Walters

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