The Great Local Science and Nature Quiz

The Great Local Science and Nature Quiz

d2d079af0bccab8f5d1a227bd10aeb98.jpgWe've teamed up with local attractions, zoos and museums to create a children's Science and Nature Quiz. 

See how many your family can get right!

West Midland Safari Park:

Q. Elephants can be found living in the wild in two continents. Do you know which two? Which elephants can be seen in captivity at West Midland Safari Park? 

Coughton Court:

Q. Coughton Court often have up to three herons perched along the lake or riverside walk and they’re the largest bird most of us will see in the wild and possibly even in our gardens. Can you find out how big their wing span is?

Newbridge Farm Park

Q. What is the name of the colourful, male bird on our logo? Find it on our website 

Bodenham Arboretum:

Q. How many species of trees / plants does Bodenham Arboretum, in Wolverley, have?

Q. How many acres does Bodenham's plantings / pools cover 

Find the answers here.

Stratford Butterfly Farm:

Q: Before the female butterfly lays her eggs, she tastes the leaves she will lay her eggs on. What does she taste the leaves with?

You can find the answer here.

Dudley Zoo:

Q. What animal is also known as a fire fox?

Rays Farm:

Q.  What is the name and colour of our special Hedgehog?

Q. Name one of the woodland walks at Rays Farm.

Hartlebury Castle:

Q. To harvest fruit and vegetables, which Worcestershire is well known for growing, lots of temporary workers were employed. These workers lived and 64b56fc7ba4833b67ed29530d0119080.jpgtravelled between work in Vardos (wagons). Which animal was used to pull the vardos around the countryside?

Wolverhampton Museum & Art Gallery:

These questions are about an oil painting: Allegory of Wisdom and Science (1798)

by James Millar. This picture is part of Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s collection, but it is not currently on display, so this may be the first time you have seen it. Click on this link to view the picture on the gallery’s website:

Look at the picture, and read the descriptions on the webpage too, to help you answer the questions.

1)     We think the picture in the link above was originally painted to advertise a new book written to help people understand science and nature. Can you find out what this type of book was called? There are lots of different items and objects in the picture. Look carefully and see how many things you can name. Click on the picture to enlarge it, try to find at least five different things…

2)     Millar’s painting is based on an earlier engraving by a French artist, can you find out his name?  How many pages do you think there were in the first edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica? Read the description on the webpage and see if you can find out?

Forge Mill Museum:

Q. What sort of power is used to work the mill at Forge Mill?

Becketts Farm:  Q. Becketts Farm, near Redditch, has approximately 950 acres of arable crops 9087559086ca84fead785d272d00a76c.jpgwhich are all important for contributing to food resources and food for animals.  Can you name an arable crop ?

The World Outside Forest School:

The World Outside have made a series of YouTube videos on outdoor activities. Click here to learn how to make a Clay Critter.

Q. What is the name of Tom's clay snail?

Wyre Forest:

Q: The first Sorbus domestica tree recorded in the UK was found in the Wyre Forest, near Bewdley, but which “funny fruit” is this tree more commonly known by?


Q. Thinktank looks after a fossilised Ichthyosaur, an almost 200 million year old giant sea monster. What modern day animal did Ichthyosaurs look like?

Q. The Lunar Men were a group of inventors and scientists that used to meet at Matthew Boulton’s home Soho House, in Handsworth. Which of these did one of the lunar men, Joseph Priestly, invent in 1767?

A Crisps

B Fizzy Drinks

C Dairy Milk Chocolate

Q. In Thinktank’s Planetarium you can explore the outer reaches of space and get up close to constellations, but what is the hottest planet in our solar system?

Click here to see the answers. No cheating first!


If you LOVE animals, take a look at these live webcams:

Explore: Live footage from Africa.

Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Beluga and Puffin 


Project: How about doing a poster or picture based on one of the answers you have discovered? If you'd like to share it with us, as ask a grown up to email it to use on this address. 

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