Why Dance? The Benefits of Dance for your Child

Why Dance? The Benefits of Dance for your Child

54fffa3737dfe73ece780cb5122d3d8d.jpgDoes your child love to dance? It's worth considering taking them along to a local class as there are so many great benefits from learning to dance with peers.

Health Benefits
Dancing is a highly physical activity. The exercises used in dance strengthen muscles; improve posture, balance and coordination and increases fitness as well as stimulating the brain. Regular attendance will see an improvement in flexibility and mental focus.  In an age where many children spend so much time hunched over tablets, phones or computers improving posture and muscle tone is vital.

Improving Confidence and Social Skills.
Through dance you can build some strong friendships, from working together as part of a duo, trio or team or just spending time together backstage at a show or event. Every time we have done a show there is always a noticeable difference in class after the event, where students are really excited to see each other and dance together. These friendships are built on shared experiences and can grow into deep friendships that can last a lifetime.

We also hold regular exam sessions which start when the students are 4 years old  entering for rosette awards with the support of their teacher.  Whilst this may seem young these students learn from a very young age that exams are nothing to fear, they are an opportunity to show what they can do and perform the work they have practiced so hard.  The sense of achievement when they receive their awards gives them 9cfebda4738513667caa64d4af461c64.jpgreassurance, confidence and the belief they can achieve if they put the effort in.  One of the biggest joys of my job is getting to watch children as they grow in confidence; as they develop their dance skills and self belief.

Educational Benefits
Dance is something that takes time to learn and master. Technique, flexibility, timing and musicality build over time with practice and perseverance.  By attending classes regularly children learn the vital dynamic of persevering until they succeed. Hard work and effort does pay off and focus and attention to detail are important in achieving their goals.  

The Benefits of Routine
Children will also get a lot out of taking dance lessons from the routine and discipline perspective. This makes them more inclined to listen to instructions, to not always expect their own way and to work well with others.  These skills benefit children not only at dance but in every aspect of their lives.

Author: Becky Nijhof-Clarke, Owner of Fusion Dance Factory.

At Fusion Dance Factory, we have a firm belief that dance should be for fun and available to everyone, therefore lessons are taught in a   professional but friendly way to improve dance technique, increase self-confidence and  encourage social skills.

To find out more, call Becky on 07917 356888. Or click here.

Rebecca Nijhof-Clarke

Rebecca Nijhof-Clarke

Fusion Dance Factory was opened in January 2009 by Rebecca Nijhof-Clarke.  Rebecca has taught for over 20 years, previously working for The Scott Ward Dance Studio and Davies School of Dance and is IDTA qualified in Ballet (Associate) and Freestyle (Fellowship).

The school offers lessons in Ballet, Tap, Freestyle and Street and follows the IDTA syllabus.  The school has a 100% pass rate for examinations with many students attaining Distinctions and Honours in their examinations. We have also had several students nominated for the IDTA Freestyle Scholarships.

The school has an ethos that dance is fun and something that should be accessible for everyone.  Our lessons are taught in a fun and friendly way with a strong emphasis on learning technique, improving flexibility and fitness and working with others.  All teachers have been DBS checked.

Lessons are available from age 3 years upwards and are suitable for all abilities.

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