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End bullying once and for all


cc49ce5ad4415a2d66b44aad7c5edff6.jpgBullying is the nightmare of every parent.  We worry worry about what our children experience when we’re not there to watch over them, and if other children are treating them nicely.

The reality is, however, that bullying is a real problem in today’s society. Adults certainly try their very best to mediate rough behavior between children. Sometimes, however, parents and teachers don’t always recognize that bullying is happening under their watch.

Through the power of martial arts, we can put an end to bullying once and for all.

Martial arts is for everyone, whether your child is the bully or the one being bullied. Enrolling your child to martial arts class will instill in them the knowledge and the wisdom of self-defense, all while teaching them true values like respect, sportsmanship, responsibility, and camaraderie.

Some of the most popular martial artists today were bullied when they were kids. And the moment they discovered martial arts, it gave them a sense of confidence and pride and taught them how to be responsible for their actions.

Five MMA stars who experienced bullying when they were kids and used martial arts to change their lives for the better are Georges St-Pierre, Former UFC welterweight champion and UFC middleweight champion; Bruno Pucci a wolrd class Brazliian Jiu-Jitsu Athlete; Daniel Cormier, US Olympian and captain of the US National Wrestling Team; and Ronda Rousey, Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight World Champion and a pioneer in women’s MMA.

If your child is a b24329979b5d57cf7c9b4686cf0ec364.jpgvictim of bullying, it’s best to do something about it. Enrolling in a martial arts class can help to instill confidence, social skills, and self-defense skills, helping him/her to become bully-proof.  Your instructor will give one on one time to anyone facing bullying to help deal with the specifics of the situation.  Try out martial arts today by signing up for a complimentary trial class.

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Mulitiple classes 7 days a week in your local area (including Bewdley, Wolverley and Hagley), suitable for every families busy schedule! 

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