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Creating Kids Rooms With Class What comes to mind when you remember your childhood bedroom? A haven of comfort and calm or a chaotic mix that only the brave dared enter! With children of your own now, you probably understand better than most the problems involved with trying to create a stylish room that incorporates an ever growing list of requirements. Dreams and Wishes, Children's Interiors could well be the ally you've been looking for.

The business owner, Diana Stroh, is a qualified interior designer who aims to combine the practicalities of good design with the ideas and inspirations of you and your children to create interiors everyone can be proud of. 'The initial planning of a child's room is always time well spent.' says Diana, '.and can save costs in the long term.' Dreams and Wishes specialises in a more traditional quality and style of design, using old, new and recycled pieces to create truly unique children's interiors. Diana believes it is always a good idea to involve the children, where appropriate, in the design process as their approval will often result in a sense of pride and responsibility to keep their room tidy as well as being somewhere they can be comfortable and content.'Often, extremes of taste can be compromised on so that everyone is happy with the final result.' she says.

If the idea of beautiful, functional children's rooms for your home sounds appealing, just send an e-mail from the website or phone Diana for more details. If the thought of embarking on a full design project seems too daunting at present, Dreams and Wishes has a delightful range of furniture, fabrics, toys and accessories online. You won't find the usual mass produced plastic here, the products are all chosen for their hand-made, timeless charm as well as their ethical qualities, and are sure to be a much loved favourite with kids and adults alike.


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Halloween Recipes

Halloween Recipes

Halloween is the perfect time of year to get creative in the kitchen and making food scarily fun! Whether you want to jazz up a slice of cheese on toast or go full out for a party with spooky drinks and disgusting nibbles we have some great Halloween recipes for you right here. The kids will love getting involved - or have a surprise goulish meal!!

Raring2go! KidsZone

Raring2go! KidsZone

Over the weekends and holidays there are always times when your children need some chill out time, or to fill an hour or so, or they say the dreaded 5 letter word - BORED! Well, our KidsZone is here to rescue you and them from these moments. Full of puzzles, colouring in sheets and activities from films and programmes there is lots to keep busy!