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Summer Maths Activities Challenge

Summer Maths Activities Challenge

Last year approximately 800,000 primary school pupils signed up for The Summer Reading Challenge at their local libraries. Each child, with help from their parents or carers, was challenged to read 6 books. In an impact research study UKLA found that the challenge contributed to stemming “the summer holiday dip” in children’s reading achievement.

My name is Kevin Goldsmith and I have taught Maths in a local primary school for the past 30 years. I am currently teaching Years 2, 3, 5, and 6. My book is an attempt to achieve a similar goal and prevent a dip in your children’s Maths levels. The expectation is not that you and your child spend endless hours on Maths during their summer holidays.

You as a family are asked to commit to 20 minutes a day to Maths activities, games and problem solving. Children will still have plenty of spare time to enjoy their summer holidays. The books have great cross-curricular links with Science, Art, DT, History and Geography, so the expectation is certainly not to commit any further time to these subjects. Each book targets a year group, between Year 3 and 6. Each book has 50 fun activities. There are even fun games to play in cars and planes on the way to family holidays. This book gives parents a fantastic platform to get involved and help with their child’s mathematical development over the summer. There are helpful hints for parents, who may feel nervous or out of touch with present day mathematical methods.

The books are available to buy online at, price £7.99 + P+P


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